Apply Pay, the technology company’s mobile payment tool, can now be used to pay for flights on Southwest Airlines using an iPhone, 9to5 Mac reports.

Travellers can also use Apple Pay to pay for other services on the Southwest website via the mobile app, although support is not yet in place to use Apple Pay on the Safari web browser.

“Providing modern digital payment solutions to our customers is critical,” said Christopher Priebe, director of treasury, payments and risk at Southwest Airlines.

“The launch of Apple Pay enhances our ability to sell flights, as well as ancillary products using one of the most widely-used digital wallets in North America.”

Apple Pay provides a secure payment solution linked to customers’ credit or debit cards, similar to PayPal and Venmo. The new Apple credit card and Apple Cash balances also can be tapped for payments via Apple Pay.

Travellers also can store the digital tickets purchased on or from other airlines in the Apple Wallet mobile app.

The functionality is being supported by CellPoint Digital and UATP.