According to a recent report, Schengen countries are witnessing a steady growth in Schengen visa applications submitted at their consulates in India.

India is the third largest source for Schengen visa — In 2018, 1,081,359 applications were filed in India for a short-stay visa to the Schengen area, out of which 100,992 of which were rejected. With this, India has replaced Turkey which was listed third for a few years now.

The Swiss consulate in New Delhi received 161,403 applications, thereby topping the list of being the busiest Schengen consulate in India, followed by the French consulate in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Meanwhile, India’s neighbour China is also experiencing a steady growth in Schengen visa demand.  There has been an increase of 56.5 per cent in the number of applications. Busiest Chinese consulates in 2018 were the Swiss consulates in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing, which processed a total of over 800 thousand applications.

However, despite the huge demand, Chinese nationals and residents, when compared to Russia, face more limitations and rejection for a Schengen visa.


Aneri Shroff