Qatar Airways has become the first airline to launch GlobalBeacon, a technology that provides the airline with real-time flight tracking.

A key product of FlightAware and Aireon, GlobalBeacon will help Qatar Airways to promptly respond in case of an emergency. It will facilitate communication between the aircraft operator and the controller with constant fleet monitoring, automated distress alerts and tools for easy information sharing.

Additionally, GlobalBeacon removes coverage gaps in polar airspace, deserts and oceanic regions.

Aireon CEO, Mr. Don Thoma said, “With a modern fleet of more than 200 aircraft flying all over the world, across remote and oceanic airspace, Qatar Airways and GlobalBeacon couldn’t be more perfect for each other. Being one of the youngest and fastest-growing leaders in the aviation industry, Qatar Airways’ initiative to implement the GADSS recommendations for flight tracking reinforces that safety is top priority and comes second to none.”