There are few things more frustrating for an airport duty-free shopper than getting to the cashier with goods in hand, showing them your boarding pass, and being promptly told that your destination doesn’t allow you to bring in that quantity of goods without paying duty.

It’s understandable why. Navigating the various customs regulations of different countries can be difficult and limits that you thought were more or less universal can end up wildly varying – even between destinations such as Hong Kong and China.

With that in mind, we’ve gone through countries’ duty-free exemptions across Asia-Pacific and compiled them all into one convenient table.

CountryAlcohol (spirits)Alcohol (wine/beer)CigarettesCigarsTobacco
Australia2.25l25 (plus an open packet)Equal to 25g25g
China1.5l (over 12% ABV)400100500g
Hong Kong1l (over 30% ABV)19125g
Japan*3x bottles of 760ml20050250g
Laos2l2l (wine); 5l (beer)20050250g
Macau1l (over 30% ABV)19125g
Malaysia1l200Equal to 225g225g
New Zealand3x bottles of 1.125l4.5l50Equal to 50g50g
The Philippines2x bottles of 1l40050250g
South Korea***1x bottle of 1l (not more than US$400)20050250g
Thailand1l1l200Equal to 250g250g
Vietnam1.5l (over 22% ABV); 2l (below 22% ABV)200100500g

*Japan also levies duty on perfume over 2 ounces (56ml).

** Singapore allows a combination of 1 litre each of spirits, wine and beer; 2 litres of wine and one litre of beer; or 1 litre of wine and 2 litres of beer. All tobacco products are subject to duty.

*** South Korea also levies duty on perfume over 60ml.