Portugal border strike due to cause delays


Travellers to Portugal are being warned about potential delays due to a strike by border control staff.

Portuguese immigration officers are set to walk out on Thursday and Friday (August 24 and 25) in an ongoing dispute over staffing levels.

The Foreign Office (FCO) said: “If you’re travelling on these days, allow additional time to clear border controls when entering and exiting Portugal.”

Easyjet said it was not expecting to have to cancel flights due to the strike but also warned passengers about potential delays.

“At this stage we do expect to fly our planned flying programme from all Portuguese airports, Lisbon, Faro, Funchal, Oporto and Ponta Delgada but we expect to see delays through immigration areas,” said the airline in a statement.

“If you are travelling from Portugal please arrive at the airport two hours before your original departure time to get through immigration.

“We are working closely with airport authorities to reduce the impact to all our customers where possible.”

Rob Gill

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  • !!!!!! Note that you might even have to be there MORE than 2 hours before. The line to the gates (you have to go through border control BEFORE you hit the gates) in July 2017 was MASSIVE even without the strike. We almost missed our fight because we were in line for a FULL HOUR. Never have seen anything like it. Also note if you are TRANSITING through one of those airports…i.e. like from Miami to city X but are flying on TAP THROUGH Portugal you have to stand in THIS MASSIVE line. I can’t imagine what it will be like with a ‘strike’. But I can tell you that them being understaffed now is an understatement!!!!

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