British Airways has released figures for the number of flights cancelled due to last month’s IT failure.

The carrier’s parent company IAG said that a total of 672 flights were cancelled over a two-day period – 479 on May 27 (equating to 59 per cent of services), and 193 on May 28 (23 per cent of flights).

The group said that “by May 29, the airline was flying the vast majority of its schedule”.

In a statement IAG said that “An independent investigation will examine every aspect of the power failure”, adding that “British Airways is working hard to compensate affected passengers as quickly as possible”.

Affected travellers can make a claim for compensation via the BA website here, with the carrier stating that “We are receiving many claims at the moment for EU compensation in relation to the Bank Holiday weekend disruption. We are bringing in extra staff to deal with them, and our aim is to authorise payment for all completed claims within 14 days of receipt.”

Around 75,000 BA customers were affected by what IAG’S CEO Willie Walsh said was a “power surge” caused by an IT engineer disconnecting and reconnecting a power circuit at the carrier’s data centre, which disrupted the carrier’s baggage, operations and power processing systems.