British Airways has confirmed the pricing structure for its new long-haul wifi service which is initially being rolled out onto the carrier’s B747 aircraft.

BA currently has one Boeing jumbo fitted with the technology, with a second due to be fitted in July.

Access is available in a total of six options, across two connection speeds: Simply Connect, which supports “simple web browsing for activities such as checking emails and social media”, and Connect Plus for “a faster connection that will support video-streaming services such as YouTube”.

Customers can choose from one-hour’s access for £4.99 (Simply Connect) or £7.99 (Connect Plus), a four-hour option for £10.99 (Simply Connect) or £17.99 (Connect Plus), and a full flight pass for £14.99 (Simply Connect) or £23.99 (Connect Plus).

The table below also shows the equivalent prices in Euros and US Dollars.

Business Traveller interviewed IAG’s CEO Willie Walsh on the group’s plans for in-flight wifi last year.

Willie Walsh on wifi

Simply Connect 1 hour £4.99 5.99 6
4 hour £10.99 12.99 13
Flight Pass £14.99 17.99 18
Connect Plus 1 hour £7.99 9.99 10
4 hour £17.99 22.99 23
Flight Pass £23.99 29.99 30