All Nippon Airways (ANA) will be introducing a universally accessible in-flight entertainment system that makes its entertainment options more available to passengers with visual impairment or hearing difficulties. The new service is expected to roll out in November this year and will see ANA become the first Japanese carrier to offer such a system.

Passengers flying on the airline’s international routes will now be able to view subtitles as well as audio explanations to help communicate on-screen movements and scenes to passengers with visual and hearing difficulties. Both the subtitles and audio guides will be available in English and Japanese.

The move is part of an effort by the airline to enhance its offerings on its international routes in order to attract more international travellers to the carrier. As part of this effort, ANA will also be expanding its foreign-language programming options by offering content from among 12 languages.

Meanwhile, ANA original programmes, including Sky Eye and Is Japan Cool?, will be shown on international flights. The Sky Eye series is designed to acquaint travellers with different regions of Japan and will be available in English and Japanese, while Is Japan Cool? will also be available in Chinese.