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Qatar unveils A380 first class lounge and bathroom

Published: 29/04/2014 - Filed under: News »

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Qatar Airways has released images of its forthcoming A380-800 first class lounge and bathroom interiors.

Strangely, the airline also states these facilities are for the use of business passengers. If so, they would be the most luxurious lounge and bathroom interiors currently open to business class in the sky.

Qatar A380 first class lounge

Qatar Airways' A380 first class lounge. But do business passengers have access to this facility and the aircraft's first bathroom?

Akbar Al Baker, Qatar Airways' CEO, said his carrier's A380 product is bound to create a new benchmark in in-flight experience.

He said: "Unrivalled onboard passenger comfort is an increasingly important differentiator and is becoming a fundamental deciding factor driving passenger choice – and Qatar Airways has designed its A380 with this firmly in mind."

The bathrooms will include features such as modern taps that are sensor operated and large square modern sinks that help to maximise space.

Qatar A380 first class bathroom

The A380's first class bathroom

Qatar Airways yesterday announced that it will deploy its first A380 onto its Doha to London Heathrow route from June 17 (see news, April 28).

The airline, which has 13 superjumbos on order, first revealed it would fly the A380 to LHR when it debuted its first class cabin at last month's ITB trade fair in Berlin (see news, March 5).

Graham Smith

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CHRSflyer - 29/04/2014 14:48

The lounge is located at the rear of the business class cabin, as a privacy divider with the economy cabin on upper deck. Access for business class passengers makes sense.

esselle - 29/04/2014 16:51

I would imagine that BA, especially as their 777 stops at BAH en route, will lose quite a lot of F pax to QR, especially as Avios/tier points will still accrue.

GordyUK - 29/04/2014 17:00

So, essentially like Emirates then? It looks lovely, even thought poor F/C pax have to walk the full length of the plane to reach it... The horror :)

Are you listening BA? Seriously! Only AF has wasted their A380 space more than you!

Ab0dache - 29/04/2014 18:05

It looks nice!

The A340-600 had a kind of first class lounge area too in the past, but it has been removed later to fit more business class seats. It will be interesting to see how long this one is going to stay on the A380.

It is great anyway for the QR A380 experience.

Henryp1 - 30/04/2014 10:06

They both look very nice and will be appreciated on long haul routes. But I think it's a shame that the first class facilities are to be shared with business class as this defeates the overal objective and experience. As mentioned earlier there was a first lounge previously which was taken out to increase seats.

DerekVH - 30/04/2014 11:03

With 48 business and 8 first seats it is going to be a tight squeeze in the lounge if business class are allowed to use it!

Vistaro - 01/05/2014 10:04

Kills the A380 BA Offer, hard for me to say having loved BA for so long!

ranjitpgill - 01/05/2014 12:07

Bye BA! After the fiasco from Delhi to LHR!

LuganoPirate - 01/05/2014 17:31

Looks incredible and the bathroom looks on a par with Lufthansa's First, which incidentally was the only time I've ever seen a separate urinal in an airplanes bathroom!

Arcanum - 06/05/2014 18:12

Lounges are a waste of space. I have rarely seen anyone using them, particularly in First. I think Etihad has made a wise decision by using the space at the front of the A380 upper deck for a special VIP cabin instead of a lounge or library.

UrbaneGent - 06/05/2014 21:58

This is so breathtaking, reminding me of the way travel used to be in the past. It's so incredible to be able to see this kind of travel available in the world today when you have airlines like UA with no vision...and BA or AF. I hope this inspires others to wake up.


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