Five travel pet peeves

30 Apr 2014 by Clement Huang

This story never gets old: We all have a love-and-hate relationship with travel, and there are just things that you can’t stop grumbling about. Here are five of ours:

WHAT? There are still airports making us take off our shoes at security check.

WHY? The thought of walking on the cold floor bare-footed after thousands of others have done the same just sends shivers down our spines.  

SOLUTION Leave your party sandals in the checked bags for later – wear loafer-style shoes and socks when catching your flights.


WHAT? The lounge is a half marathon away from your departing gate.

WHY? Why we hate this is obvious, but it’s worse when they make you run for the gate with a final call and then the flight is delayed when you are on board – we could have used another glass of champers in the lounge!

SOLUTION Choose an airline that belongs to an alliance – that way, the possibility of being able to use a lounge closer to the gate is higher.


WHAT? People taking pictures all around the airport and giving us an annoyed look when you pass through in front of the camera. Worse still, people now suddenly stop right in front of us and take selfies, sometimes making us bump into them.

WHY? Look, you might have a whole day, and perhaps taking your one holiday trip in the year – we are in a hurry and have work to do! 

SOLUTION The good ol’ “Excuse me!”


WHAT? A passenger cracking open the window shade when the cabin light is still off and everyone is still asleep, or trying to enjoy a movie.

WHY? Need we say more? 

SOLUTION My dear flight attendant, would you go ask that fellow passenger to please close the shade! Or pick a B787-operated flight where the windows can be dimmed from central control.

WHAT? People who bounce up for the overhead bin to grab their bags and then run for the exit when you are still trying to get out of your seat

WHY? Look, we know you are busy – so are we – but the plane door is still closed and the five seconds you have saved by jumping in front of us aren’t really going to make your life that much better.

SOLUTION Not much we can do other than letting these hyperactive fellow passengers save five seconds from their lives. We’ll just do it at normal speed.

Read the “Frequent traveller” column in the May issue of Business Traveller Asia-Pacific to hear about the pet peeves of our funny and grumpy correspondent. To subscribe, click here.

And what about yours? Share with us what you hate about travel.

Clement Huang and Reggie Ho

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