This budget option shows that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good quality bag. It helps that it’s from Antler, which has a quality track record, and a vested interest in making sure that even its cheaper models don’t fall apart, especially when offering a five-year warranty. The real benefit from the Antler-backing, however, is the knowledge that goes into making the case.

There are different sizes of the Finlay – cabin 55 x 35 x 20; medium: 69 x 48 x 28 and large 79 x 54 x 31. I tested the cabin bag, which comes in two sizes – the one already quoted (two colours: charcoal and turquoise) and a slight larger one (designated C1 rather than L1 which is 55 x 40 x 20 and comes in red or yellow).

It isn’t the lightest – 2.6 kg when empty, but that’s where the strength comes from, and the robust handle ensures that it can take being fully laden with a laptop bag resting on it without any problems.

The external design is referred to as 3D, and it seems to be scratch resistant – inside there’s a geometric print which again is hardwearing and there are compartments and packing straps. There are some branding messages inside (“TAN LINES FADE, BUT MEMORIES LAST FOREVER!), but they are easily ignored and the exterior just has a simple R! along with a built-in grab handle which expands to allow your hand under it. It also comes with a combination padlock.

Verdict: outstanding value – a lovely case.

Price: £49.99

Weight: 2.6kg

Volume: 31 litres

Specs: 20 x 55 x 35cms


5 year warranty