The chic Keio Plaza Hotel that is located in the busy Shinjuku district offers a plethora of F&B options in the property — Chinese, French, Italian and Korean among others.

I opted for a classy Kaiseki meal at Soujuan. A kimono-clad server served this traditional Japanese multi-course meal on pretty crockery. This stunning presentation comprised of flavours, textures, colours and fresh seasonal ingredients. From the wide variety of Kaiseki Courses, I chose Fujinami, which includes seasonal appetisers, soup, sashimi; a boiled course, simmered and vinegared dish; steamed rice and dessert.

My dinner began with delicious homemade walnut tofu, yuzu citrus flavoured salmon roe and vinegared Pacific saury.  For the mains, I tried the grilled Spanish mackerel soaked in a white miso dressing. The sweetness from the paste lingered in my mouth for some time, giving me time to relish this authentic delicacy. Up next was the grilled Wagyu beef flavoured with scrumptious yuzu, simmered sweet fish and steamed egg curd with turnip prawn, shark’s fin, scallop, abalone, and mushroom. I also enjoyed the chef’s special selection of sashimi and specially prepared steamed rice in a pot with chestnuts. To conclude the meal was the Red Miso soup or fruit and Japanese sweets.    

VERDICT: A traditional Japanese dining experience for food enthusiasts

HOURS : Dinner : 5pm to 10pm

PRICE: Upwards of  JPY 13,500/INR 8,577

CONTACT: Soujuan, Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo, 2 Chome-2-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-8330, Japan

Ravi Lalwani