British Airways to reduce legroom on some short haul flights

British Airways short haul

British Airways will cut the average leg room on some European flights as it plans to squeeze more passengers on its A320 and A321 aircraft.

The move to add an extra two rows (12 seats) will cut passenger leg room by one inch to 29 inches – the same as Easyjet but less than Ryanair.

BA said the move will help keep fares low.

“From next year we’re making a small increase to the number of seats on our A320 and A321 fleet so we can keep fares low,” a BA spokesperson told The Daily Mail. “Customers fly with us because we offer quality and value in all areas.”

The changes will reportedly be made next year on short-haul flights out of Gatwick and Heathrow.

The move follows BA’s decision to stop serving complimentary food and drink on short-haul economy flights.

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  • Following the success of their Club World cattle class BA are proud to announce the launch of their new Club Europe and Economy cattle classes.
    Enjoy the slimmest pitches in Europe which makes you sure to have the slimmest seat pitch not only in Economy but in Club Europe as well !
    Try our exciting lottery which may (or may not !) give you the opportunity to have some BOB drink or food provided you are seated in the very few slim rows where our cabin crew have time to stop to sell you some slim premium drinks and slim delicacies.
    Enjoy the feeling of waiting, waiting and waiting for a slim credit card fee when paying the flight you have booked on BA.COM. We garanty our credit card fees are still the highest of every airline operating within the UK and within Europe and we are proud that it makes it possible to keep fares (excluding luggage fees, our seat reservation fees, our F&B fees, our credit card fees …) slimly low !
    To fly to serve is our motto because your deserve it !

  • BA short haul should rebrand as Veuling. While I fly long haul BA in premium cabins, short haul for me is Easyjet+ for me unless an Avios redemption.

    • but what do you get in Premium. I just recently January flew in First from ORD to LHR, it was the worst flights I have ever had in 55 years of flying and flying mostly First or Business. An utter disgrace,

        • The First Class Lounge for a start – it is a row of seats in a partioned off corridor. Very little space and not all First passengers. Very little food and poor drink service from the waitress. First on the 747 is cramped but I love flying the Queen of the Sky. Poor Cheap Champagne as a welcome drink. Menu states Johnny Walker Blue Label, but I know my Whiskey and after the first drink I asked the FA how much whiskey she had lut in the glass. I could not really taste it. I asked her to pour it at my seat..she hesitated..I looked her in the eye and said That is Dewars White Label. Excuse was that JW Blue had not been loaded. Well my choice of meal was not loaded either nor that of my partner who took a salad – it came without dressing. I asked for at 1900 hrs local time for Breakfast although I was offered a meal from Business…or Pasta from Y…The breakfast came – 3 small mushrooms, half a rasher of bacon (the large end admittedly) small sausage, half a tomato and a dollop of tasteless and cold scrambled egg. I was not offered anything for the breakfast into London. The IFE is a joke..poor choice, poor quality viewing and even worse sound. 14 people went to the front locker to collect their coats. I am disabled so I did not get into the scrum. No crew members were ever at hand in the front cabin after landing. Only soap in the first class toilet – nothing else. The seat is not comfortable and not comparable with American Airlines First seat. The blanket one could fart holes in should one be inclined. The flight left me with such anger, I will really never fly BA again out of choice, only to use up my miles, which are a lot. The female FA was kind and seemed to understand that nothing was right not just for me but others. The FSD was as false as a ten bob note. A sickly smile, words and no substance. The usual I will report your remarks. Two days after I flew Club LHR to MUC ..the breakfast was far superior but there was a lack of staff in the front cabin due to the fact the others were all struggling as admitted by the purser with the new sandwich run. Returning again from FRA to LHR in Club, the purser would have been more suited as a bruiser outside a seedy London Club, again there was no choice of food. When I asked was there anything else, I was told peanuts. I wish I could have told him where to shove them , the same as I would like to say to Walsh and his new buddy Sr. Cruz. As a BA shareholder I note they] shares are climbing but as people get used to the declining service, it will not be too long before the shares go into free fall. BA is now indeed one of the worst airlines. A sad joke but not when you are paying.

  • Haven’t BA missed a trick here, surely 28 inches is more than sufficient as seat pitch on short haul. I wonder who will still pay for business class at that pitch when airlines like Lufthansa who reduced to 30 inches have now increased again to 32 inches – but then they seem to listen to customer feedback.

  • “Customers fly with us because we offer quality and value in all areas.” Really? There is now no difference between BA and Ryan Air, EasyJet is better than both and even they are not that brilliant.

    I flew Club back from Germany last week at 19:15 telling my wife to not worry about a meal for me as I would get something on the flight. What did I get, a manky salad with the usual “sorry, no hot food” The usual BA Club Europe service.

    Now they are reducing seat pitch. I have never heard of a business plan from a company that is based on driving your clients away to the competition. Interesting concept by an utterly useless management. You are lucky that I am not the CEO or most of you would be having to sharpen up your CV’s

    Dreadful company.

  • I am disappointed. I used to be a huge British Airways fan, and still think their long haul product is superb. But their relentless cost cutting gives their competitors the edge.

  • It is official that American Airlines is way better than British Airways in every single aspects of travel. I would never thought this day would come.

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