Wow Air has announced updates to its seating and pricing system, including the addition of business class-style seats, increased baggage allowance and priority boarding.

From June 1st, the Icelandic carrier will launch a new cabin of “Big Seats” that can be booked through a range of tiered travel bundles. These will be introduced on the airline’s A330 aircraft, which serve long-haul routes between Iceland and the US West Coast, offering a 37-inch pitch on economy’s 30 inches.

The larger seats will also be available on the airline’s A320 and A321, with the option to book XL (32-34 inches) or XXL (35-37 inches) seats.

The bundles will allow travellers to upgrade from the standard service to three bundle options:

  • Wow Biz: From £156, the fare includes a business class-style seat including a handbag or laptop bag, one carry-on bag, one checked bag, seat reservation and cancellation protection. Available from March 1st, this package includes priority boarding and a free hot meal and drink on board.
  • Wow Plus: From 79GBP, the fare includes an economy seat, including a handbag or laptop bag, carry-on bag up to a maximum of, plus a checked bag and cancellation protection
  • Wow Basic: From £32, the fare includes an economy seat and a personal item that must fit under the seat in front eg. a small backpack, pur­se or computer bag, up to a maximum of 42x32x25cm/17x13x10in

Passengers will be able to purchase larger seats as an add-on outside of the Wow Biz package, as well as fast track options.

Prices are available using the promotional code WOWSALE and are valid for return trips from London Gatwick, Bristol and Edinburgh between February 10th and June 10th, 2017. The code will remain valid for bookings made between now and midnight on 12 February, 2017. The discount applies on selected flights in the travel period.

Founder and CEO of WOW air Skuli Mogensen said:

“We have worked hard to lower the price of airfares across the Atlantic to give more people the opportunity to travel.  Now we intend on lowering the prices for business by providing many of the same services for a much better price.“