Qatar Airways confirms new business class seat

Qatar Airways’ eagerly awaited new business class seat will be unveiled at ITB Berlin in March.

Talking to Business Traveller at the unveiling of plans for the new concourse F at Doha’s Hamad International airport, HE Akbar Al Baker, Group Chief Executive Qatar Airways Group said of the new seat:

“It will be across the fleet in B777s and A350s, and we have a new seat development for the B787s as this new seat can’t fit in the 787,” he said.

The airline will receive 23 planes this year, all widebodies, and its eighth of 10 A380s is due to be delivered in the next few weeks.

The carrier’s network will grow by 15 destinations in 2017/18, and Al Baker remains confident despite weakening demand and low oil prices.

“With the kind of product we offer, we will continue to generate demand.”

Hamad International Airport is to press ahead with an expansion plan which will see a new Concourse F added to the existing terminal, swelling capacity to 65 million passengers annually.

Al Baker said it has formed a steering committee with a view to completing it “as soon as possible”.

“The terminal was designed for expansion as we grow the airline and this is what we will do,” he said, adding that it recently received an application from two more Indian carriers.

He said the expansion will be put out to public tender “to internationally contracted parties”. Foster + Partners is handling the designs.

The airport handled 30 million passengers in 2015, around 48 million less than Dubai, which is the world’s largest airport for international passenger traffic.

HIA features 12 lounges, novel leisure facilities such as a pool and squash court, smart tech features, premium-branded duty free and cultural tie-ups with Qatar Museums.

Al Baker also highlighted the airport’s efficiency, calming nature and ability to contribute “to the overall journey”. He said it is now rolling out new biometric-friendly e-gates (cards are free to over 18 residents and there are chip-reading passports too).,

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  • “Al Baker also highlighted the airport’s efficiency, calming nature and ability to contribute “to the overall journey”.”

    Has he ever been to the lower floor bus gates? An Arabian souq provides a much quieter, more orderly atmosphere!

  • Good to see that Al-Baker continues to live in a world of his own. Hamad is an awful, souless transfer point and as for premium duty free, well they sell the same junk anywhere else does but at Doha the pricing is certainly premium.

  • Confused by “The airport handled 30 million passengers in 2015, with around a third of that passing through Dubai, which is the world’s largest airport for international traffic.”
    Are they saying that there were 10M pax on the DOH-DXB route (irrespective of carrier)?

    • Hi mkcol74 – apologies, that line got misconstrued in the editing. I’ve checked with the writer and have amended it to what Dom actually meant to convey.

    • Obviously your standards must be higher than the rest of the world.

      The service is outstanding and all over any other airline. I did 400K with QR last year and could not complain once about service. That’s why I fly so much with them because it is simply outstanding.

      I hope you’re not saying he US airlines are equal? And Cebu Pacific? To even compare QR to CP? you clearly don’t travel much.

      One is the worlds leading airline, the other is a LCC from a third world country with a murderous dictator killing his own people.

      Get a grip, in fact, give yourself an upper-cut LOL.

      • My standards are high indeed. But when Qatar canceled my reservation without my consent and did not inform me of that, that is just plain horrible service! Wouldn’t you agree?

        • So one isolated incident makes them the worst airline in the world in IYHO? And compare them to Cebu Pacific? Honestly…. like I said before, give yourself an upper-cut

          • That was a major isolated incident that Qatar never fixed when it could!
            Several more – earlier I tried to book a flight but I was told that there were no seats available yet there were 10-15 seats that were empty. I asked for a transit accommodation but I was told that I should have booked an earlier flight, unfortunately that earlier flight wasn’t available. When I was checking in my coolers, they told me I had to sign a liability waiver even though it was not written on the ticket (they claimed that it was in their employee’s/baggage manual which passengers do not have access to). I was recording the way Qatar employees were treating me and they said that they refused to be recorded and according to Brazilian law, they have the right not to be recorded, they even threatened to call the police and when I asked them to call the police to witness them forcing me to sign the luggage liability waiver, they claimed the police wasn’t available. The flight was delayed, which caused a delay in the connecting flight. And when I finally got to my destination, my baggage did not arrive until the next day. Talk about a single incident? NO! It was a non-stop service of the worst magnitude!

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