Delta launches new business class menu

Delta One winter menu 2016-2017

Delta has launched a new onboard winter menu for Delta One business class passengers, partnering with Roman trattoria Maialino in New York City.

Created by Maialino’s executive chef Jason Pfeifer, the menu draws inspiration from rustic Italian cooking. Highlights include prosciutto e mozzarella, braciole di Manzo and cavatelli con calsiccia di Maiale.

Commenting on the new menu, Pfeifer said:

“For me, Italian cuisine is about ingredients and I think we have really captured that cooking philosophy for Delta fliers. The simplicity of the dishes allow for the ingredients to become the star of the show, so we have been very thoughtful how each ingredient is sourced, using many of the local New York farmers and purveyors Maialino has collaborated with since the restaurants opening.”

Delta One winter menu 2016-2017

Pfeifer’s creations will be prepared daily in Union Square Events Kitchen in New York, and paired with wines selected by Delta’s Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson.

The new menu will be offered until February 28 for breakfast, lunch and dinner on selected transatlantic routes from New York JFK and transcontinental routes between JFK and Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Other Delta services will offer a separate winter menu including fresh black truffle and potato ravioli, olive oil poached halibut, and duo of chicken with fennel puree and haricots vert.

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  • Anything to improve the food in Delta One is a step in the right direction. I’ve flown Delta transatlantic several times in the past 12 months and each time the food has been, quite frankly, awful. The ‘cuisine’ is further downgraded by flight attendants who don’t know (or care) to follow the entrée re-heating guidelines once in the air. I recently was served a pasta dish in which the pasta was so over-heated it was fused to the plate.

    • No to play the apologist role, but consider where you are seated. If you’re in the last row, you’ll be served last. The pasta dish may still be sitting in the oven all this time and hence it’s burnt to the square ceramic bowl. It’s better than having it cold. Unlike trans-Pacific flights, I prefer having the express dining option on trans-Atlantic flights. That way, your meal is served in a single tray with minimal waiting/interruption. Otherwise, you meal service may take up to 90 mins that will rob your precious time to nap or work.

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