The Airport Authority of Hong Kong (AA) has signed an agreement with Shenzhen Airport Management Company that will see stronger cooperation between Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport (SZIA).

As per the agreement, both airports will proactively promote the reformation of the Pearl River Delta (PRD) airspace in order to enhance the efficiency of resource allocation within the designated area.

HKIA and SZIA will each support the medium- and long-term expansion plans of the other, thus facilitating the long-term development of both airports and contributing to the economic advancement of the PRD region.

Meanwhile, passengers and vehicles travelling between the two airports will benefit from the establishment of a designated immigration channel at Shenzhen Bay.

Both parties will also coordinate with airlines operating out of the two airports to develop “all-in-one ticket” products that include hotel accommodation and transportation options such as flight, ferry and coach tickets.

In the long term, cooperation between the two airports will benefit Hong Kong and Shenzhen residents travelling for leisure and business with more options in terms of air ticket prices and flight schedules.

“The agreement has been signed after many rounds of meetings between the two parties,” said Fred Lam, chief executive of the AA. “The strengthened cooperation between the two airports can enhance the optimisation of airspace resources in the PRD region.”

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