US extends Global Entry to UK citizens

The US government is extending Global Entry to UK citizens.

Following an extensive vetting procedure, approved “low-risk travellers” will be able to bypass airport immigration queues on arrival in the US.

From December 3, travellers can apply for a five-year Global Entry membership via the UK Home Office website. There is a £42 processing fee.

Then, if approved by UK authorities, they will receive a “UK access code” to enter when applying for Global Entry through the Global Online Enrollment System (GOES). This part of the application costs $100 (£65) and is non-refundable.

Should this stage be approved, the applicant will then book an interview with a US customs official to determine eligibility for a five-year membership.

Matthew Barzun, US ambassador to the UK, said: “The men and women who shuttle between our countries are the very links that keep our relationship so strong and vibrant.”

Global Entry is currently available at 43 US airports and 13 pre-clearance locations, including in Germany, the Netherlands and South Korea.

This summer, the US Department of Homeland Security announced plans to expand immigration pre-clearance to ten new airports including London Heathrow (see news, June 2).

Graham Smith

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  • Great news about the Global Entry availability. However, if the US are introducing immigration pre-clearance at LHR, do you then need the paid for Global Entry as well? Surely not?

  • I’ve had Global Entry for a year or so (from a previous trial period the US extended), and used it in earnest last month for a LCY-SNN-JFK-MIA-MCO-JFK-LCY. I have to say it worked flawlessly with all the US side of things. Obviously BA were/are not set up for it so no TSA pre-check.

    The G/E machines at Shannon worked perfectly and as very few Brits have this yet, there was no one else at the machines but us, everyone else went to a Homeland security official. (so I think Nigel, you need to pay for the full G/E if you want to use the scanning machines) – someone tell me if i’m wrong

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