Cathay Pacific has announced a major initiative that will see the Hong Kong-based carrier refresh its brand in the coming weeks.

Cathay Pacific lounge with new logo design

According to the airline’s chief executive Ivan Chu, changes have been made to the CX logo, as well as a new design philosophy that will be “evident in the new lounges that [the airline] will open soon – starting with Haneda, Japan in December”.

Changes between the old and new CX logos

As seen in the picture above, the changes to the CX logo has been primarily centred on the airline’s iconic brushwing, which has now been simplified. In an official statement, CX announced: “the brushwing no longer sits constrained inside a box, and has been gently harmonised and set free”. The typography has also been standardised to a single size.

Flight attendants wearing their uniforms with the new logo design

In doing so, CX believes that this will represent a cleaner, crisper, and more contemporary identity for the airline. The revamped logo will also be seen on the company’s cabin crew uniforms.

Cabin class colour-coding

The launch of the new logo will also result in each cabin class designated by an individual colour code – red for first, dark blue for business, light blue for premium economy, and green for economy. This will be used on the baggage tags offered by CX.

CX’s revamped mobile website

Finally, the CX website will likewise see several changes that the airline believes will enable it to become more intuitive and user-friendly. Enhancements to the online platform will be added throughout 2015.

A number of additional changes will be announced at a later date.

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Clement Huang