BA increases credit card booking fee

British Airways has increased its charge for paying for flights by credit card or via PayPal.

Business Traveller was alerted to the move on its forum, and can confirm that bookings made using a UK-billed credit card now attract a £5 fee, up from the previous £4.50.

The charge also applies to payments made by PayPal, but debit card payments continue to be fee-free.

As a comparison, Easyjet charges a 2 per cent fee for bookings made by credit card (on top of its £12 administration fee), while Flybe charges a 3 per cent fee for credit card transactions (with a minimum charge of £5).

Mark Caswell

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  • Yet when you make a redemption booking the charge is not levied. Also, John Lewis, Selfridges, Sainsbury’s, McDonald’s to name a few don’t charge when I use my credit card…WHY? At least make the BA Amex card exempt?

  • I thought these charges to use cards were unlawful from Last April?
    Charges should only be made for the actual cost.

    BT , can you look into this, as we were supposed to be having these stopped on ALL Airlines and transactions last year?

  • Where BA leads the others are sure to follow!

    Challenge to RyanAir – reduce your fees by 50p – that will really drive BA nuts!!!

  • Aer Lingus are the worse in my opinion… £7 per person, per flight… So £28 for a return for two people for a single card (debt or credit card) transaction. Daylight robbery!

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