Garuda offers free limousine transfer

Garuda Indonesia is offering a free limousine transfer to its executive class passengers flying from Hong Kong to Jakarta.

Eligible passengers on these flights will be given a voucher that they can redeem for a complimentary limousine journey by Blue Bird Group (see here) from the airport to their hotel. 

The limousine offer is one of several services Garuda has introduced recently that are aimed at business travellers. In September, they opened a special premium check-in area for executive passengers flying out of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (see here). The airline has also sought to enhance its Hong Kong base (see here). Last month, it began offering an upstream check-in service allowing passengers transiting by ferry from ports in Mainland China to Hong Kong Airport to check-in and fly directly (see here). 

“We are very excited to offer a series of services, including the limousine service, fast track immigration services and the premium check-in area launched earlier this year,” says Riza Perdana Kusuma, general manager for Hong Kong & Macau of Garuda Indonesia. “We sincerely hope that these services can cater to the needs of our business travellers.”

In the summer of 2009, Etihad also began offering a pick-up and drop-off service to its UAE diamond and pearl passengers, providing them with complimentary Audi transport to and from the airport (see here).

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Nicholas Olczak

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  • Now, if they introduced the immigration-on-board service from Hong Kong (which they already offer on certain flights from China, I believe) that really would make a compelling case for them on HK-Jakarta flights. And if they did it on HK-Bali, I believe we would switch our CX allegiance (at least on that route).

    Garuda really seem to be coming up with some differentiators – good for them. I haven’t flown them for many years, and for most of those years wouldn’t even have contemplated using them, but if they carry on in this vein they might go from being a viable alternative (which they now are) to having a fairly compelling case for being first choice. It does go to show how an also-ran airline can transform itself through innovation – and that the innovation doesn’t have to be particularly innovative (if you see what I mean) – limousines aren’t new per se, but they are novel on regional flights.

  • Yep… GA joining Skyteam soon and upgrading its standards will definitely make it an attractive option !… Well done, GA !

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