This week’s Dreamliner incident

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  • canucklad

    Well Alex…To keep with the silly season theme….

    Maybe the Boeing “Dreamliner” marketing team could base their future campaigns around the following tunes…..

    And it should be mandatory that on every 787 IFE system the following programme is in the library….

    Any other suggestions…..

    I fear I may be in the minority here as I would have absolutely no problems flying the 787 for the first time.


    Me neither.

    I accept there is some risk in flying; and that risk is heightened in a new aircraft.

    However, the pilots in charge on the Qantas A380 demonstrated just how good training is these days, and how resilient the airframes are. I’m certain there was luck involved, but I think that the survivability of any incident on board is heightened, and particularly so when flying a reputable airline.

    Though, personally, I don’t understand the rush to be on the first flight; we’ll all fly on these birds eventually, and be sick of the sight of them in short order!


    I’m avoiding booking any flights on 787s until this endless list of problems ends and they manage to go a few months without incident. It’s not that I fear for my safety flying on them, but more concerned about possible delays due to maintenance issues or being put on an old 767 with an outdated cabin when I was expecting the most modern and comfortable aircraft in their fleet.


    Does anyone know the Dreamliner fares on a comparison between the number and seriousness of technical issues it has faced in its period in service thus far and other new aircraft when introduced into service? In terms of column inches I get the impression it’s much worse but the amount of press coverage shouldn’t be a relevant factor.


    Goodie, Alexpo! I’ll look forward to a trip report after your frst flight.

    You can count on it Judy!

    I bet most passengers out there (not on this forum) haven’t a clue which aircraft they are on.

    If Boeing deems it fit to fly, that’s good enough for me 😉


    I’m flying on one in two weeks time – looking forward to it!
    on another note – does any one have an opinion on seat 10K CW BA 777-300


    i’m looking forward to it too.. flying to EWR in November with BA.

    @ tarisingh, I think 10K is fine. Avoid 12K as it does not have a window (althought they say it’s misaligned) and feels a bit claustrophobic. check seatplan or seatguru.


    thanks GudFella!


    I flew on Norwegian’s 787 last Monday, between Oslo and London Gatwick. My plane had been switched after booking, but I was very happy to finally try it out – having been booked on (but denied!) NH and QR 787s in March.

    I was personally impressed by the aircraft and improvements like the electronically dimmable blinds on the noticeably larger windows. The android-based IFE device Norwegian are using was also noteworthy – and made for a particularly powerful moving map, fully controllable using the touch-screen.

    I’d be happy to fly it again – and indeed am currently booked on BA’s for a flight back from Toronto next year.


    Japan has now banned Air India 787s from flying to their country as they have not done adequate testing on the fault that JAL experienced.


    The FT is reporting the latest glitch…
    Norwegian Air Shuttle has withdrawn one of its 787s from service because of “technical problems” “it has not been performing the way a new aircraft should” said a Norwegian spokesman, adding “it has caused major delays for our passengers”.

    Norwegian have ordered 8 787s and received 2. They initially lauded the aircraft but have since had problems with brakes, hydraulic pumps and power systems. Norwegian will lease an Airbus A340 as cover.


    Hello BigDog

    We’ve just posted a detailed piece re Norwegian Air’s B787 problems.

    Here’s the link:

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 226 total)
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