Surprisingly Few People Will Miss bmi

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    I am surprised how few people will miss bmi:

    Just goes to show that customers are fickle, and really only interested in lowest cost, best value operations.


    Well at present it stands at more than 50% which considering the BD market share out of the UK is impressive.

    If as the original poster suggests:

    “customers are fickle, and really only interested in lowest cost, best value operations”

    it really does beg the question about how BA first survives as a product, it’s very expensive and poor value manifested in an overcrowded cabin, food that is of lower quality than some airlines serve in economy class particularly Singapore Airlines and Emirates and Jekyll and Hyde crews who can be charming or who can be an absolute nightmare.

    I think the thinking behind the original post was misguided.

    I’ll now wait to be accused of attacking or bullying the poster.


    “Just goes to show that customers are fickle, and really only interested in lowest cost, best value operations.”

    Some might be, they fly on RyanAir, although it’s debatable whther they are good value.

    As I have always preferred quality and being appreciated over price, I have flown BMI whenever possible, and have found them incomparably better than BA. I shall miss them immensely and am sad to see them swallowed up.



    I was one of those who replied in the negative to this survey even though I was bmi Gold. Why? Because I am Glasgow-based and bmi abandoned me some while back, effectively cutting me off from the Star Alliance long- and short-haul connections I had been making thhrough LHR with LH, LH, SQ, TG etc. By the time it came to their demise, bmi were no longer relevant to my travel plans or needs…..


    I will miss BMI.

    I always got a reward redemption whenever I wanted one, which can’t be said of another British carrier whose home is in Terminal 5.

    I have never have my baggage mishandled by them. I was Silver with them for 8 years and they got me to my destination in the UK when Heathrow was at one of those we can’t cope if we get a bit of wind and rain scenarios that closes the airport down and means people end up camping there for 3 days.

    | have never had a problem with crew and the lounge staff have always been fantastic.

    So yes I will miss them a great deal.


    I too will miss BMI ……Their staff have always been more personally engaging—And at EDI/MAN etc it actually is BD staff and not uninterested Outsource staff going through the motions !!! As i’ve mentioned before, they strive to get you to your destination—if i was at T5 the board would just have said cancelled—-Much easier to redeem points—- What i won’t miss is the ridiculous management decisions on service levels etc, that in my opionion was partly responsible for their demise


    I also will miss BMI. Cabin crew, lounge staff, Diamond Club staff were very friendly and helpful. As canucklad says, BMI did their best to get you to your destination.

    It’s just a pity the famed diamond service was whittled away over the years. The flexible economy product wasn’t a patch on the old business class.


    I didn’t fly bmi a lot, but on the occasions when I took their flights to/from Riyadh, I found the crews to be very professional and pleasant, the food to be above average and the seat to be perfectly acceptable.


    Provocation, eh? A dangerous game. It will take change beyond recognition for BA ever to mean as much as bmi did to such as I who appreciate consistent and reliable quality over all elements of a journey. I will miss them badly, and not for a moment will I consider BA an automatic substitute.


    I will certainly miss BD, consistently good staff who are some of the best there are. These days, again a good offering after years of Premium Y and Bento Boxes. I think they probably were on the verge of turning the corner but just too late.

    In another thread there is talk of bringing in a single person who shames other in to upping their game. It would be nice to think that BD crew would have this influence at BA where they will be up with the very best BA have. Sadly though I think the apathy of the average BA crew will smother them.


    In another thread there is talk of bringing in a single person who shames other in to upping their game………………………… a classic example of this happening was when Air Canada bought CP Air or should say Canadian ! The Customer centric approach of the old CP staff actually shamed the existing state dinosaur to up its game. On a recent AC flight I was chatting to the Flight Attendant (ex CP) and she was saying it was a struggle at the beginning to intergrate because of the difference in corporate cultures … AC is now my airline of choice back to YVR…………….To mix threads a bit -another reason i will miss BD


    BM who?…..

    joking aside, i only flew them 2 or 3 times but DC was my dumping ground for all my SA flights, so I have managed to get some more AV points from it


    IMHO, they kept BA honest, at least as far as domestics.

    Try getting a reasonably priced LHR-MAN rt (or EDI now) !

    And the cabin service, though basic, was always friendly


    It is up to BA to do a proper job replacing the existing BMI routes with efficient and adequate service so nobody will need to mention BMI again.
    I use BMI to fly to the Middle East(BEY&AMM). BA has done nothing yet about announcing their new plans,better business fares nor equipment.
    I am hoping for a 3-class B767 with post midnite departures so LHR connections to north America will be practical.

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