Ryanair will cancel dozens of flights every day for next six weeks

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  • Alex McWhirter

    Some domestic routes both in the UK and Germany are being suspended for the winter season.

    One example is Cologne-Berlin, two others are Stansted to Edinburgh/Glasgow/


    A few days ago Ryanair had a massive seat sale and today all UK domestic flights from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast are suspended from November through to end of March. What a charming Christmas present for all those folk who had made festive holiday flights home from London.


    If pax are allowed to take the next available flight-on any airline-and FR pays for it, will it cost FR €100M?


    I just wonder why this went from bad to worse? Too cancel all flights for 6 months to Belfast, Edinburgh and Glasgow seems to be overdoing it.

    Apart from refunds it will only cost them two weeks of compensation under EU261 rules so that’s pretty tough on people who have made non refundable reservations in hotels, car hire and even airport parking.


    Easy answer…AVOID Ryanair.


    Sounds a lot more than just issues from messing up rostering pilots holidays. Perhaps they now have a pilot shortage given Norwegian’s recruitment drive. If this is the case, given the time it takes to train new pilots from scratch (if this is the route they go down), it is conceivable they’ll be making cancellations well into next year.

    They’ve certainly stolen the headlines in the U.K. papers today.


    @AlanOrton1 +1

    Ryanair threatened with legal action by UK regulator

    As usual, Shakespeare says it best – “When sorrows come, they come not single spies, but in battalions.”


    CAPA has published today this analysis for the Ryanair problem…..

    “Ryanair: fixing rostering problems, but CAPA analysis says more to this than simple pilot shortage.”


    Take note of a couple of points said in the article.
    a)”Ryanair is also increasing………and, at four major bases, pilot pay.” This seems to recognise what the real problem is.
    b)”Ryanair has also withdrawn its bid for Alitalia to “eliminate all management distractions”.” This leaves the field clear for everyone else to carve up the beast.Who will take advantage of that?

    CAPA says that pilot shortage is not the issue which takes us back to what I said before (16-9-17
    #827196) that all this discussion about pilots is just a smokescreen.

    Alex McWhirter

    All the talk has been about Ryanair axing most UK domestic services this winter.

    But we forget that that there are many routes within mainland Europe which will also be cancelled in the months ahead.

    Report from airliners.de yesterday [DE]



    Another aspect worth considering – in addition to the disruption to passengers – is the impact this will have on airport revenues.

    It is not just the handling fees that the airports will lose, but all the potential ancillary income from cafes, bars, duty free, bookshops, etc.

    Alex McWhirter

    That’s a good point. Besides the retail concessions there’s also the car rental firms, hotels … even the surface transportation firms linking the airports.

    It will particularly affect the smaller airports who really depend on this revenue.

    And as LP notes above what will happen to those passengers who have purchased non-refundable hotel rooms, car rental and so on. Will they still be out of pocket ?


    The CAA has now stepped in accusing Ryanair of not fully advising passengers of their right the key one being they have to offer an alternative flight/s on other airlines if another Ryanair flight is not available. Today so say Ryanair O’Leary is giving no interviews. I can’t imagine why not?


    I suspect Mr O’Leary is being quiet whilst whilst he and his legal beagles consult over this formal letter, now received from the CAA:


Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 82 total)
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