Ryanair will cancel dozens of flights every day for next six weeks

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  • transtraxman

    As reported on the BBC yesterday………..

    “Top Ryanair executive leaves after pilot scheduling fiasco.”


    What the article does not say is that Michael Hickey will leave Ryanair at the end of the month and not before because his replacement is still on holiday!


    Saw this in today’s Times:


    Never before have I seen Michael O’Leary and sorry in the same sentence. I know it’s not April fool’s day, but is there a blue moon in the offing?


    My mate shared this with me yesterday afternoon in my bowling club. The response from the other people in the company was a mixture of bemusement and amazement at the sheer brazenness of FR’s ability not only to skin the public of their cash, but apparently their own people too. Well worth a listen.


    This is a brilliant interview… Thanks, Canucklad!


    WOW!!! Don’t think I will be flying them again in a hurry!!


    Many years ago, newbie pilots would climb through the engine types, piston, to prop. jet, to turnine, by flying with cargo, post, small charter services etc etc. Whilst I accept aircraft and systems have become more automated, whether a 150 hour newbie is able to hack flying commercially with an airline, so early on in his career is for the training pilots and aviation authorities to decide. Pilots can very easily be taught to fly, but there is no way any pilot can be taught experience….

    However, one thing is for certain, it would take a very brave airline to cover the cost for so many youngsters to obtain jet ratings on a passenger jet without any tie in or upfront payment, so early on in their careers.

    Paying for interviews is not unique to Ryan, it happens with most of the big US operators.

    The way Ryan covers their pilot costs, is for the airline to take away the costs and throw them back to the pilots through zero hour contracts and telling them to pay their own expenses and recover them through tax claims. Result really low fares, zero customer service, a flight that resembles a super market.

    The other positive of course is Ryan’s safety record.

    I have flown Ryan only once and that was enough for me – my choice is never to consider them.

    As I have said many times before: Trim all the fat from the meat, remove all the meat from the bone, the bone will eventually shatter….

Viewing 7 posts - 76 through 82 (of 82 total)
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