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  • Charles-P

    Fully agree and this is mirrored by my time.flying in and out of TelAviv. Still to my mind the best airport security in the world.


    Somali radical? Really. Rushes to judgement.

    Plod? These guys aren’t overseen or subordinate to Plod.

    Good Grief.


    Not sure why the outrage – this is standard treatment for most US airports and I have experinced similar downunder too.


    I was avoiding doing dishes by hand and googled “I hate Heathrow Terminal 5”, and saw this article. Not to defend the security worker, but when office shlubs like myself had a bad day [when I had to endure the Tortures of the Damned known as corporate America], we could suck it up at our desk.

    TSA workers and airport security workers can’t. I also wanted to ad that my experience at T5, 10 years ago, was singular in that I kept the bleeper quite busy. I was stripped down to my socks, underwear, jeans, and t-shirt. At the next go round I told the young security guy, “Anything else comes off there better be an engagement ring on this finger.”

    He didn’t react, prolly heard it all before. Anyway, the staff opened my briefcase and came across my embosser, wh., being silver, tripped the bleeper again. The reason I’m going into all this detail is that the staff were absolutely considerate and polite at all times, asking, “Would it be allright if we opened this?” I mean, I knew if I said no the situation would be escalated. But everybody seemed to be pretty calm.

    Of course, this boils down to whomever the supervisor on duty is, doesn’t it. Oh, and don’t wear metal braces if you don’t want to be detained. I hate it when that happens, cuts into my drinks time in the Club World lounge!

    I’ve included a snap of the embosser, wh. does look a bit like a prop from “Dead Ringers,” doesn’t it?



    Well well. First time on the forum for a few weeks and back to this shallow level of debate.

    Perhaps BT will pick extracts from this thread for the forum page in the next magazine. Or perhaps not unless it wants to be the laughing stock of the business travel world.


    I am amazed at the racist rants by a poster and another supporting part of that.
    The sad truth is people can not comprehend that once someone is a citizen, he/she is a citizen of uk irrespective of colour or past nationality.
    Try to respect that.

    I also do not like many aspect of uk airports but I do not blame individuals. The leadership is responsible. And I just take it that decay of Britain is not just at some segments it is wholesale.
    And many leaders became leaders mostly from entitlement but they do not have the expertise, just bluff the way through their careers.

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    the one guy who ‘patted me down’ was a radical muslim, I believe a Somali.

    Hmmmm………Long Pause and further contemplation , as I juggle about the word “Radical” and the word “Somali” in my head…..

    Firstly …..”Somali “
    Someone who comes from a country located in the horn of Africa

    Secondly “Somalia “
    A once proud country where now fanatics rule the roost , where terror, hijacking and general chaos are the now the norm , so much so, not only is it an absolute no go area , but sadly its band of murderous criminals have wreaked havoc on its more stable and friendly neighbours , i.e. Kenya !! And in the process damaging their economies !!

    Thirdly “Radical “
    A person who advocates thorough or complete political or social change,

    My conclusion Alain
    Are you sure you weren’t patted down by an unshaven Mo Farrah taking a break from his training regime !!

    Tom Otley

    Hello everyone.

    I’ve deleted some of these posts and will be closing the thread.

    Unfortunately the forum is now being used by publicity-seeking, know-nothing Twitter commentators to further their careers, so I will have to spend my weekends moderating your opinions more closely.

    Obviously we remove racist (and homophobic) comments, but I also believe that the forum largely moderates itself, and when someone expresses such opinions, other forum users disagree with them and we achieve something by the debate. (see above).

    Unfortunately this doesn’t work when people can highlight the problem post, simulate outrage, put it on Twitter and then whip up a sh#tstorm about how we are approving whatever opinion has been expressed (it’s a forum, if there was no disagreement, there’d be no forum).

    So there we are.

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Viewing 8 posts - 46 through 53 (of 53 total)
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