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  • Bullfrog

    I’m hoping to travel on the inaugural non stop flight from Heathrow to Perth.

    Tickets are due to go on sale imminently.

    I’d appreciate if BT or its readers can confirm when they’re available.



    News coming through that tickets will go on sale April 27 (Australia time).

    Initial news is that Perth-London flights start on March 24, 2018. Departure from Perth is at 18.50hrs with an arrival into LHR the following morning at 05.10hrs.

    London-Perth flight returns on March 25 departing LHR at 13.30hrs to arrive into Perth the following day at 13.15hrs.

    Note that these timings may be changed slightly nearer the time.

    We await further details from Qantas.


    Does anyone know what code shares might be attached to this flight? EK – seems unlikely seeing that the routing is not via DXB? BA (as is in place from SIN on QF routes)? None?

    Tom Otley

    They are now on sale

    Tom Otley

    Year round return Economy fares for the London-Melbourne route start from £1,115 and the London-Perth route start from £1095, but these are expected to drop below £900 return during deal periods. Year round return Premium Economy fares for the London-Melbourne route start from £2435 and London-Perth route start from £2335. Year round return Business fares for the London-Melbourne route start from £4240 and the London-Perth route start from £4240.

    Mark Caswell

    We’ve also published a piece here:

    Qantas non-stop Perth-London tickets now on sale


    “Economy fares start from £1,095 return between London and Perth, and £1,115 between London and Melbourne”

    Good luck filling that at those fares guys…… I will stick to transiting via other routes thanks. Who is in charge of pricing here? One would have expected some kind of launch promotional fare don’t you think?


    I have a good info source at QF. He provided me with the info from the outset that the route PER-LHR would originate in Melbourne which I posted on here and eventuated. He also told me at the time that QF would continue to operate the A380 MEL-DXB though. Obviously this plan has changed. The A380 will now be redeployed to ‘meet high demands of periods in Asia’.

    LHR to PER direct

    Anyway, the QF staff were forwarded a Q&A memo today. For anyone interested:
    1. What happens to those with an existing MEL-LHR booking?
    – reaccommodated via PER or SYD

    2. those with MEL-DXB – europe bookings
    – accommodated via SYD

    3. Why is QF reducing capacity?
    – It is a slight reduction of capacity, and reflects the fact that demand’s a little lower on that route in both directions.

    4. What about customers with an F booking MEL-LHR?
    – Customers wanting to travel in First can choose to fly on our A380 out of Sydney (via Dubai) or on a Qantas codeshare flight with our partner Emirates who fly from Melbourne (via Dubai) to London.

    5. What does the PER-LHR service mean for our EK relationship?
    – Our new PER-LHR flights complement Emirates services from Australia to Dubai and onward to London and Europe. We are providing travellers with more options for flights between Australia and Europe. Emirates are timing the up-gauging of a current B777 to a third A380 service out of Melbourne to align with the shift of our QF 9/10.

    6. Can customers book MEL-PER as a domestic sector on the 787?
    – The 787-9 service is an additional East/West service in our schedule – it is not intended to replace existing services.
    Customers who want to fly MEL-PER only can book on the Dreamliner, but there are likely to be fewer seats available because many will be travelling on to London.

    7. How will the transit at PER work?
    – QF9/10 will operate through our existing domestic terminals (T3/4), which will be upgraded to accommodate international flights, including a dedicated customs facility and international transfer lounge area.
    Our current international services from Perth (to Singapore and to Auckland) will also move to this terminal, helping to simplify the journey for thousands of people every year. We’ll move operations to an expanded Terminal 1 at Perth Airport by 2025.

    8. What will happen to the A380 currently on the MEL-LHR route?
    – The 787-9 will operate MEL-PER-LHR from March 2018. The A380s that fly MEL-DXB-LHR will be redeployed to meet periods of high demand in Asia. The 787-9 is also currently planned to fly MEL-LAX from December 2017 – taking the total number of Qantas services on MEL-LAX from nine to 13 return flights per week.

    9. What cabin crew base will operate the flights?
    – We’re working through this as part of our Australian-based International EBA10 negotiations and are hopeful that we can provide opportunities for all International Cabin Crew to access the aircraft.


    Reuters in Oz is asking whether passengers will be prepared to pay so much more to fly ex-MEL or PER to LHR.

    Owing to currency exchange rates the fares ex-Oz are higher than those ex-UK.

    Breaking news is that Emirates will be adding an extra A380 to MEL which means all its three daily service between MEL and DXB will be operated by the super-jumbo.

    I am sure many people flying to MEL would prefer Emirates’ more comfortable one-stop A380 flights to the UK (to several UK cities not just London) to Qantas’ more expensive one-stop B787 to LHR.

    And from Perth, where Qantas will offer a time saving to LHR-bound passengers, the indirect carriers like SQ/CX/QR etc have 11 months in which to hone their products to compete. The indirect carriers will not be undersold. And for premium passengers I am sure the likes of SQ/CX/QR will endeavour to improve the en route transit experience.


    Slightly bemused by the hype having landed last night back in Perth from JFK via HKG the JFK/HKG being 16 hours with A 45 minute transit to PER flight And of course CX makes it super effortless. 18 hours to london? Is there a benefit? Stopping in SIN/DXB/HKG means at least a proper bathroom as for sure whatever Dreamliner loo is available 18 hours with the average Aussie and negligible clean up from any qantas crew won’t be pleasant!


    Plus lower fares in all classes when transitting SIN/HKG/DXB/DOH etc. As I say above the indirect carriers have 11 months to polish their products and pricing.


    Having just done the LHR to PER route via SIN, in March, I’m watching this story and pricing with keen interest…

    Going via will always be cheaper, and for me it’ll be weighing up the bum-numb 18 hours versus the 90-120 min stop in SIN and hoping luggage is connected.

    I think PE ££ is very high. Reason I didn’t travel PE this time, is Singapore Air like many East Asia airlines doesn’t do PE in this region. So I worked out I was paying £1k more, and PE covered only LHR-SIN with a dump down back to Econ for SIN-PER (& the return). So as this was personal trip I did cattle and ended up with rare x3 seats to myself, and practically felt business class (I’m petit) – Joy

    That said at £4k mark for Business, I think that’s pretty good, so I think is this flight aimed at biz travellers; trust me when the company organisation is paying 😉 biz for me back & forth to Asia Pac, £4k price is quite competitive to what my Org has forked out in the past for me.

    But yeah, I will also look out for seat sales, both PE and Econ, and lets see if work ever sends me to PER – can but hope !

    I think other airlines could do good sales if this direct route sells well.

    Hassle getting off at 12 hours at horrid hours on the jetlag and not going straight through: versus the mental and physical bum break price…wander around – hmmm could be close for me ££ could be the tipping point.


    OK here’s my [weak] joke of the day:

    If it was BA flying LHR-PER nonstop, and if BA had moved to buy-on-board meals in economy, at least the flight length would enable the crew to reach the back of the cabin and serve everyone on board.

    Seriously though,
    [1] will the same flight attendants work for 17+ hours on the Qantas nonstop? Seems too much. Or will they carry extra cabin crew, and rotate them?
    [2] “Premium Economy fares for the London-Melbourne route start from £2435 and London-Perth route start from £2335”. Really?? I bet you can get CX in business class – not Premium Economy – for a roughly similar price in a sale. I know which I would choose.

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