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  • BizLady Traveller

    Seriously questioning what type of person you should be not to be able to withdraw from consuming nuts for the duration of the flight…


    Does it mean that, if you brought a bag of nuts onboard and willingly or unwillingly open it, you should expect an emergency landing and thus a delay of your personal journey?

    Maybe, or maybe not. Obviously no-one could give you a firm reply.

    Perhaps there might be no reaction. Or if a mild reaction then perhaps treatment with an epipen may suffice.

    Or perhaps if a major reaction then a diversion might be a consideration.



    I can’t see how you can compare someone with a nut allergy to a chronic alcoholic.

    The key, fairly obvious, difference being the person on the flight with a nut allergy does not have a compulsive desire to eat nuts if they see someone else eating them, despite the detrimental effect this could have to their health. They are impacted by particles released into the recirculated and limited air supply to varying degrees based on severity of their allergy. There are levels of severity for allergies across epipen users. Some will go into anaphylaxis from consumption of nuts, some from contact on skin, some as little as air born particles.

    The other obvious difference being chronic alcoholism is as the name suggests, a chronic condition. Which means it is a long lasting and normally incrementally damaging condition. You damage your liver and other organs over time based on continued punishment. A nut allergy is an acute reaction, severe and sudden onset.

    These scenarios are literally the exact opposite of each other. One is a choice and likely to cause longer term detriment but very unlikely to cause an immediate reaction. the other, the affected person has no say in your decision to eat a packet of nuts and would cause an acute severe reaction that could kill the person in minutes.

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    It has become clear that on this subject there are two fairly opposing points of view. Nuts V No nuts with both views being strongly held and unlikely to change.
    Also a related PC v non PC discussion has also developed.
    I suspect that during the process we have all learned valuable information on the subject that may will prove useful in the future however the discussion seems to have taken on a tone of personal insult( BizLady Traveller above) that doesn’t belong on this forum indicating to me that useful informative contributions on this subject are perhaps at an end.

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    indicating to me that useful informative contributions on this subject are perhaps at an end.

    I’d agree, however I do feel compelled to answer NG123

    Hi NG123 –I’m absolutely not directly comparing alcoholism with life threatening allergic conditions. I’ve been unfortunate enough to witness the long term
    suicidal behaviour of quite a few of my now deceased friends to know the difference.

    My point was more to do with the continual creep of obliging important (but still in the minority ) groups who call for removal / severe restriction of everyday legal things thus ensuring majority parity with the sufferer

    Anyway, that’s my last comment on all things nuts et al


    I haven’t read all the posts, but my feeling is if you have such a severe allergy that you could die, then you really should not fly, or perhaps wear a special mask. The risks are great. What if, like many people you don’t listen to the announcements, or can’t hear them (often the sound is so bad you cannot make out any announcements), or understand them if you don’t speak English. People do take nuts on board. Just this week I had half a bag of nuts which I finished on my way to New York rather than risk perhaps a fine for bringing food into the USA.

    While I do sympathise with anyone who has this allergy, if I had one that could kill me, I’d rather not fly or I’d take other precautions.

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Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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