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    Just back from a stay at Marriot’s (moderately famous) Dalmahoy in Edinburgh.

    It is a big hit with golfists, of which I am not one, I was simply attending a friends birthday bash. It will be my last stay in a Marriott until they sort out their gouging policy.

    Wifi – Charged at £6.00 for an hour and £20.00 for 24 hours. Come on, charging for wifi is SO old, I get it for free in Starbucks, Asda & McDonalds for Gods sake, let alone a £200.00+ a night hotel. To compound this, there is no 3G coverage at the property.

    I asked for a cappuccino with breakfast – charged at £3.95 and not inclusive with the B&B rate. I don’t mind the expensive room, I didn’t mind the expensive room service club sandwich (even though it was decidedly average) and I didn’t mind the outrageous cost of a large malt & large Morgans & coke for the birthday boy, it is par-for-the-course (even though I’m not a golfist I managed to golf-shoe horn in a pun) but to then nickel & dime me for a couple of quid just really chaffs my clams.

    Any more we can name-and-shame and therefore avoid?


    Unfortunatly every Hotel I stay in in the UK charges internet, and at extortionate rates,

    Fortunatly I don’t stay in hotels in the Uk that much! 🙂


    IHG/Holiday Inn wifi has been free for Priority Club members for a couple of months now, and I believe it will be free to all guests from January 2014.

    Extortionate charges at Marriott and completely unjustified, helps to sustain the Rip off Britain moniker.


    Marriott is one of the few chains still charging fees for internet.
    It may be old fashioned, but always makes 20 $/£/€ a day taken from a lot of guests.
    Even Hilton offers it free.
    It is unfortunately true that Marriott charges very high prices for any supplement,
    I am currently in Rio, and will pay some 20$ a day to get connected.
    The hotel offer is so poor in this city that there is almost no choice. No major chain to enter the market before two/ three years and make it move.



    I can understand if free internet is not widely available in certain countries/cities that you may have to grudgingly pay. However, in general my motto is: “no free internet no get my business!”


    As we reported some days ago, Accor UK is now providing free wi-fi. Will others follow, I wonder ?


    Most luxury hotels in London don’t charge.

    I think as the Internet has become the newest “utility” charging for it in hotels will become less common.


    But I’d rather pay (a reasonable sum – not £20) for something fast and reliable than get slow and patchy for free.


    They’ve done exactly the same with Courtyards in the US – putting in their “Bistro” – frozen food reheated at crazy prices – Bar and the Starbucks kiosk – even to the extent of removing free coffee now in some! Paying for the Internet I can personally live with but don’t deny me my morning caffeine………!


    I agree with all the negatives about Marriott here. I have just come back from the Marriott in Quito (even more exotic than Edinburgh) and I have just dumped on the hotel on Tripadvisor because ripping you off for the internet is just nonsense – and rank profiteering – in the twenty first century. Sadly, it is still all too common in USA hotel chains, but they will grow up one day.

    It is interesting to remind hotel staff that sixty years ago, they might have charged separately for the use of a TV, and 100 years ago maybe for hot water….

    In the meantime, if I am making my own booking – no free internet = no booking. Full stop.


    What I am finding is hotels have a 2 tier internet rate. Slow speeds are for free, but the higher speeds needed for some apps is extra….

    I have a 3g sim card built into my lap top. OK its sometimes not that fast, but at least I have internet 24/7 (subject to coverage) in any hotel without having to pay extra (if its not free)…


    We shouldn’t have to choose between free Internet and fast Internet.


    Dear all,
    I perfectly agree with the policy: no free internet – no deal..
    I visit Brazil about three times a year for decades already, and the hotel offer is one of the poorest.the service is by far below the European/Asian standards, there is no regularity wit the offer, no competition. Hotels were refurbished 30 years ago for most of them. I must remain connected, and have few choice..
    About hotels in the UK, the internet went free in some of the chains recently only. I believe that within two years time, it will be be free whatever would be the place of connection. In the meantime..


    Just back from a stay at the Marriott Rennaisance near Heathrow and my wallet’s feeling pretty gouged. For a 4* hotel, the £15 per day wifi charge was extortionate but it was the £5 for a bottle of beer that really set me seething. My first stay in a Marriott property and if it’s in any way representative of the chain then it will definitely be my last.

    Ironically, the room rate wasn’t too bad.


Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 35 total)
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