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    New thread, the old one is too long now and causing view problems on iOS devices, I had the same on iPhone 3GS.

    Ok, so far there’s me, robsmith100, Bucksnet, KeaneJohn, ConcordeFlyer, TiredOldHack and we’re only making plans for Nigel. Surely the long-suffering Mrs T, who will only fly with BA – even VK has been on easyJet – can’t miss this opportunity to get up close and personal to the big boys – at The Green Man.

    Event runs from 10am to 4pm, then retrial to The Green Man

    Need to think up our questions for Keith Williams this time!

    Will The Green Man himself return?…



    Too technical for Mrs T Jim! Although she will do QF and NZ these days.

    The mystery of the Green Man continues…..



    Wish I could be there. Am in the UK only 2and 3rd week of Sep. Cutting short my trip as I’m off to the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. Supporting England and S. Africa. Actually my first time down under.

    Have a great time as both events seem fascinating.



    Hi Jim,

    I may be there for a jar in the Green Man, but I may also be on my way to Kosovo that day, so I’ll let you know nearer the time.

    Cheers, Simon



    Kosovo? :O

    Is this for you war zone collection ??



    What is the mystery of the Green Man? Is he a leprechaun?



    lol…nice one Rich…sadly no but he is a legend!!!



    Indeed he is a legend and he is not Irish, well at least he doesn’t have the right accent, i think you will agree Rob.



    Did he used to be The STIG !



    No you’re getting mixed up with VK there.

    The Green Man as in pub goes back to the days of Dick Turpin, founder editor of BT magazine and the inspiration for the LHR we know today.

    The Green Man as in, er, man is only known to those of us who got the luxury chauffeur driven private BA staff bus back to Hatton Cross the last time. He has photographic evidence to prove it! Under the Official BT Secrets Act we cannot reveal his true identity, which seemed to change during the evening anyway!



    It was life Jim, but not as we know it!! There is a possibility that a photo of him exists in Australia, but the face may have been blotted out through special powers.



    lol… i can see this is going to be another successfull event for all us Forum members…

    I sent BA an email to check on how much time we should allow to spend at the event; Here’s the response i got…

    “We ran a similar event last year and the only complaints we received were that – at four hours – it didn’t last long enough! And this year it’s going to be bigger and better. “

    I know it is a bit early to start talking about arranging meeting times and stuff, but does any have an idea what time they plan to get there?

    Nigel – I will be driving and can collect you from my local station on route if you like?



    I’m staying at LHR on the Friday night so will be there for the start at 10am. We could make one of the catering outlets a meeting point like last time, not sure how much detail we’ll have beforehand but there’s bound to be some kind of coffee stall – or failing that a bar! I think it said no return admission.

    I knew nothing of last year’s day. I remember some time ago getting a bus tour of the ramp, cargo and engineering areas including through the cargo tunnel, might have been around the 50th anniversary celebrations in 96, think we left from the visitor centre near the Renaissance Hotel.

    If you want a good aperitif, recommend the ITVV Concorde LHR-JFK and back DVD which starts at the engineering base, 5 hours of pure quality, should be a permanent channel on BA’s IFE which might just have swung Tom’s verdict of Old First a bit more towards “average”! Add your own standard Taittinger, lie back and think of The Green Man.



    I will be driving as well and I think we should meet in The Green Man, as there’s parking and it’s only about 5 minutes walk; we will be going back there afterwards anyway.

    Non drivers could proceed to Hatton Cross tube station which is very near the event, and people walking from The Green Man would have to pass by it.

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