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  • capetonianm

    As a passenger I have to agree with LP, love the day flight from AMS or ZRH into CPT. 12 hours to laze, gaze, relax, doze, read, eat, drink, and no interruptions.


    I am with Martyn, any USA East coast overnight flight into the UK is just too short. The day flights are all right.

    The most loved route is always the one that I have never done before and I am looking at with anticipation. Two weeks ago that was IST into Tbilisi on a day flight. I have never before seen Tbilisi airport during the day! – and the clear skies gave magical views of the Caucasus. So the next most loved route will be into Cyprus, soon – never been there before.


    Favourite flight: London to Las Vegas, I really love the views of the Rockies, then coming over the city itself.

    Least favourite, Dhaka (K1ngston it’s DAC ?) to Doha. I’ve done it four times, the departure from DAC has always been around midnight, you have to queue outside where there are a ton of mosquitoes, inside the terminal twice I have been accosted by some airport worker insisting on helping me, i.e hustling for a tips and then the departure gate is very hot and again plenty of mosquitoes.


    +1 Slotski thank you for that I pay as little attention as need be! But I have to agree about the mosquitos they seem to breed at the airport and swarm when you are waiting at the VOA section at arrivals and at the gates for departure ….

    Interestingly enough Slotski arrived very early for a flight back to SIN recently as you know the traffic is horrendous and the check in gates were not even open. We spoke to the representative of the Le Meridien who took us back to the hotel and we had a first class dinner in the restaurant there and they took us back to the airport in time for our flight back …. A nice interlude to an otherwise awful airport experience.. I normally use the Westin in Dhaka as its the best hotel but Le Meridien have offered to better the experience … Travel safely ๐Ÿ™‚


    CAN to PEK, just everything about it is dire no matter the time of day. That and STN to PRG, a trip I used to twice a month and became so monotonous

    favorites would be SEA to SFO in a window seat for a short hop, great views. For convenience BA evening flight LHR to HKG the timing is perfect if the experience far from it! Other than that, then its EK BHX to HKG. The timing works as by the time I hit the second sector I am ready to sleep, also the first sector is Wi-Fi all the way so I can be productive and then relax in the lounge in DXB instead of trying to catch up on 6+ hours of mail while trying to stay awake. The second leg also has Wi-Fi but itโ€™s not enabled over India or China which is a sizable chuck of the route


    I travel on economy.

    My favorite flights are the early morning departure’s to London from Chicago and Boston, which puts you in Heathrow by 1030p, so I’m checked into my hotel in central London by midnight.

    My worst flight (in terms of timings) is BLR-LHR on BA. The flight departs around 7 AM which means I have to leave my house in the southern part of the city by 330a. Considering I have dinner and sleep late, I get less than three hours of sleep. Waiting at the airport in the early hours of the morning when you’re still feeling sleepy is hard. And even though the flight is about 10 hours it feels a lot longer.


    Favourite flight is arriving at BGI, sat in a A window seat. Great view of the West Coast and then Bridgetown and the South Coast before landing. As its a leisure destination for me, all the more enjoyable as am able to switch off for a few days.

    Hated is SOU – ACI and vice versa. While I enjoy flying I’ve never liked the Trislander, horribly noisy and feels like being sat in a coffin with nothing but the English Channel below. The route is often subject to weather / fog delays and Aurigny’s fares, being the monopoly carrier, are particularly steep on a per mile basis.


    My favourite from the last 12 months was probably my shortest BA flight too. VFA to JNB, but since South Africa lifted the yellow fever vaccination requirement for flights departing Zambia, this VFA-JNB makes a quick stop in LVI, so from take off in VFA to landing in LVI it’s 10/15 minutes. What you get though is some of the best views of the Victoria Falls.


    Last year I won a competition run by Heathrow Rewards and Royal Brunei Airlines. Economy flights from LHR plus four nights at the Hilton Ras Al Khaimah Resort. I was excited until I checked their flight times:
    17:05 Heathrow (LHR)
    04:00 +1 day Dubai International (DXB)
    03:00 Dubai International (DXB)
    06:45 Heathrow (LHR)

    That meant I’d need to use two of my four nights just to have a bed on arrival and have a room until departure. Add to that the 06:45 arrival until LHR after an economy flight.

    I actually asked if I could just take the hotel and book my own flights, but they wouldn’t let me do that. So I told them thanks but no thanks and hopefully someone else was chosen from the list of entries.

    So that would be my most hated route – wouldn’t fly it if it was free!

    I like the Virgin Upper Class overnight from LA to LHR. Plenty of time to sleep and I like their beds.


    US east coast to mainland Europe is a breeze compared to the JFK – DUB, which prompted the question. A 6 1/2 hour flight, with a 5 hour time change… horrific…


    Martyn, great thread and I fully agree that east-coast – Dublin is a killer. Boston – Shannon, which I flew many years ago, has to be the very worst. Flights back from the Gulf with most European airlines (leaving after midnight in most cases) are also unpleasant but don’t have the same time zone issues.

    Your post has got me thinking. Finnair promote the quick route to Asia (neglecting to mention the add-on to/ from the UK and elsewhere). Maybe Turkish could use their IST base to offer the relaxing way back from the USA, get a good night’s sleep and then track back west from Istanbul. Given recent events, I suspect Turkish need any advantage they can concoct to woo passengers.


    I absolutely detest flying between Luxembourg and Belfast via London. It takes me almost a full day to do it in either direction, door to door. Last month, however, I flew LUX-MAN-BHD with flybe with just over 2 hours in transit. Perfect.

    Is there anyone out there who hates flying from Europe to the US? Nothing to do with immigration procedures but severe jetlag, even to the East Coast. I cope better on my infrequent visits to/from the Far East.

    Yes, the daytime return flights are much better but not for those with an onward connection. And I find the night flights ‘fine’ because I know I am going home!

    Favourite routes are LUX to Portugal or Morocco. Short flights and you find yourself in another world. I discovered a new one (for me) recently from CDG to Rabat, an airport that handles only a few flights a day.


    As well as the “we all hate East Coast US to Europe” (and I am with you on that), my favourite flights are those where the plane takes 20 people or less. Scottish island flights, Channel Islands flights, private jets (done that once), all are magic, not least because there is almost no hassle at the airport with such small flights.

    And for the real favourites, go for a plane that takes not 20 people or less but 2 people or less. Nothing better than sitting up front, whether you are flying it or just watching the world fly by.


    Love: BA London to San Francisco, leaving late morning arriving early afternoon. 64k (or a Window Seat in First) on a B747. Not too early a start from home, cooked breakfast in the Lounge (CCR or F lounge), some drinks and some dozing and some work on the flight, all day-light hours. Early to bed (by 8pm) and then catch the early bird Alcatraz tour the next morning.

    Hate: Istanbul-Dushanbe-Istanbul with Turkish on B737. Arrives in the middle of the night, leaves in the middle of the night, terrible connections if your originating in London, crappy plane with zero leg room, and seems to take forever to get through immigration and to get your bags.

    Also Lagos-London with BA – leaves very late evening (11pm or 11.45pm), you have to get to the airport early to avoid the traffic and queues (I am usually in the lounge at 7pm, which also generally results in drinking too much!). Then 5.30 flight with no decent time for sleep (like a wind assisted flight from East Coast of US), and I am usually in premium economy (old version) so cannot really sleep. I usually do this on a Friday night so the plane is totally full (I have been upgraded to Club a couple of times which makes it slightly more bearable), and Saturday is generally a right-off as I’m so tired! Still – nice to be home I guess.


    Most loved: 1) Landing anywhere for the first time (even if soon disappointed); 2) LCY from JFK, ideally in morning sunshine/fresh air as against hike from LHR T5B/C to UK Border; 3) VS or CX LHR-HKG; 4) approaching ORD over Lake Michigan and Lake Shore Drive.

    Most hated: 1) Arriving anywhere with 30 min+ queue for immigration; 2) BOS/NYC/PHL/WAS-UK overnight; 3) Anywhere to or from LTN.

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