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  • MartynSinclair

    I am about to fly my most HATED route… JFK – DUB. Short overnight flight….. then on to London. Always arrive grumpy and NOT refreshed..

    My favourite flight is LHR-HKG, upstairs in the 380, forward cabin. Flight is long enough to enjoy a couple of films, food, drink and a good nights sleep.

    What is your most loved and / or hated route..


    Good thread Martyn,my most hated routed is Singapore to Dhaka (Sorry don’t know the abbreviation for Dhaka) on the return leg! Firstly the airport is best described as a tin shack and the worst part is that the flight takes off at midnight local time which is 2am in Singapore, and then is just over 3 hours long and lands 5.15 into SIN. With announcements and the faffing about there is less than 2 hours sleep!

    The best route is SIN-TOK the early morning flight (or chairmans flight) where there is 7 hours to relax and get things done and there is only a 1 hours time difference! With the new train service into the centre of Tokyo now even flying to Narita is acceptable …


    Hated is SFO to BOS. Depart 9pm, old plane, old seat, grumpy crew and bad catering. Crew crank up the heat in the cabin to knock everyone out. Around 5hrs 30 flight. Arrive BOS at 6am and never in a good mood …… The United ‘expedited removal assistance service’ would be a blessing!

    Favourite is the early flight LHR to ORD. Departs before 8am, daylight all the way and lands before 1030, so practically the whole day left. And the American biz class seat on the A330 is pretty good too.


    Cabin crews hate TLV, LOS, and NCE (specially late May due to Cannes Festival and MCM F1 posers) because of the unpleasant types of passenger they tend to attract.

    When I worked for an airline our worst passengers were TLV and LOS (we didn’t fly to NCE).


    I also hate any USA-London overnight flight, because you tend to arrive when your body clock is telling you to sleep. Can’t sleep on the flight, and it’s early morning in London.

    I like the 4- or 5-hour lunchtime flights in the Far East: have a nice meal, watch a movie, not tiring, no jetlag, good service on Asian airlines.

    Nothing touches Concorde for me, though! (Once only, LHR-JFK).


    Concorde was a problem on JFK-LHR, as you left around 14.00 and got into bed around midnight, except it was only 19.00 body clock… no sleep until much later.


    I agree – USA East cost over nights is no fun. Not enough time to sleep, doc clock all messed up.

    However the Day flights form JFK & Boston home are nice and a love a LHR JFK leaving mis afternoon, plenty of time for food, wine, a movie and to sleep it all off before going out for a lovely dinner in NYC.


    Hi Martyn,

    Pretty much the same as you. Any East coast USA to UK is hated as you cannot sleep much however good the seat or bed.

    Also agree that most loved is HKG > LHR in business upstairs on either 747 or 380


    Great topic Martyn
    Flight I love: Any that has me landing at YVR, not only is it a homecoming with all that involves, but it’s also arguably one of the most beautiful approaches to an airport anywhere.
    Can’t really say I hate any, but I do loathe flights that depart first thing in the morning. Waking up at 4AM is just wrong, had to do it last week for work and again next week for leisure
    Still mentally scarred from last week, sipping coffee at 5.30 just doesn’t compute. .
    Off to Ibiza next week, departing early, but at least I can have a pint, rather than a coffee to raise my spirits.

    YVR to YYZ is akin to SFO-BOS and I agree it isn’t pleasant..


    When I was commuting to North America, I used to really enjoy arriving into Orlando, in the glorious sunshine most of the time. A night in a hotel followed by a steady drive down West to the accounts in Lakeland, Tampa and St Pete where I would finish business by 3pm on Friday and spend the weekend in downtown St Petersburg.
    I was sipping a cold craft beer in Green Bench Brewing beer garden at 5pm whilst it was cold and rainy in the UK – bliss.

    I could say the same about Phoenix – always loved arriving there.

    At the moment, I am really struggling with flights to & from Shanghai and Beijing simply because of the utter chaos I’ve endured at both places.


    Like others I hate JFK to Europe. I wish there were more day flights as I cope better on those.
    My favorite flight is a day flight from Zurich to Cape Town (or JNB when they have to substitute a 340 on another route). I just love it.


    Flying down under I much prefer leaving London in the morning and arriving the following evening as opposed to the late night departures. If I’m only going as far as the far east, I hate those flights. I am a big fan of Cathay’s 3pm flight from HKG to LHR, always feel better after that than one of the overnight jobs.


    Agree the A380 LHR-HKG is an appropriate schedule, enough time for meals, movies and a good sleep and arrive in time for connections to Asia. Daytime flights HKG-Oz are interesting viewing and you get to sleep at the right time on arrival.


    I Like MAN-PHL. Leaves at a civized hour, arrives just after lunch. Nice 1-2-1 biz and usually relaxed familiar crew as this is a preferred route for most of the former US Airways international folks. Hate any through flight to Oz, even in F – always feel dreadful for a couple of days. Likewise the noon departures from LHR to HKG or SIN –
    no sleep and arrive shattered with the full day ahead.


    **Loved Routes **

    LHR > CPT – the landing in Cape Town with Table Mountain in view just fills me with joy.
    MAD > LIM – Long day flight. I love the escapism of just watching movies with no emails/phone calls.
    Sweden > Kiruna – In winter time, seeing the sunset (at lunchtime!) in the arctic is just spectacular. I do this trip at least 4 times a year.
    MWANZA by private plane up to a remote mine – stunning African scenary straight over the game reserve!

    ** Hated Routes **

    – LGW to Surinane via POS with a stopover in St Lucia (and rtn). Nothing at all can make this trip enjoyable (about 23 hours door to door for me).
    – Anywhere routed through MIA. (Customs/Immigration a nightmare)
    – Any redeye from US to UK. (I think we all agree there!)

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)
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