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  • GivingupBA

    Cedric, you said “…the real favourites, go for a plane that takes… 2 people or less. Nothing better than sitting up front…”, too right, in the 1980s I once took a Koreanair SCHEDULED flight operated by helicopter to Koje island. I sat in front next to the pilot who must’ve been ex-air force because when we crossed the coast he zoomed down to just above sea level for the crossing, that was something.


    In the day, before serious terrorism, was allowed in the cockpit jumpseat on CX Tristar into the old HKG via the blocks of flats and a sharp bank onto the runway at the turn right sign on the cement hillside! It was an awesome approach, even in good weather, the young co-pilot was flying and we were all happy to get wheels on the ground!


    DavidGordon10 – I’ve done Cyprus (Paphos) many times. Only once did Adriatic route across foot of Greece then over Crete. Daytime flights mostly routing across Balkans then over Aegean. Memorable views of Istanbul, Black Sea and coastal resorts of Turkey. If route is a bit further south, there’s a lake in the mountainous region of Greece, where a road winds its way down then disappears into the lake. Best viewed from an “A” seat.


    Many thanks Poshgirl58 – an A seat it will be!

    Now, after that my next unusual flight is to Yaoundé. Has anyone been there, I wonder?


    Love any flight into St Barths !


    Now, after that my next unusual flight is to Yaoundé. Has anyone been there, I wonder?

    Regrettably,yes. It’s possibly not quite the biggest craphole in Africa but it comes close.


    If we’re talking views, then for those of us who regularly ply between EDI and LHR I’d recommend the new FlyBe service. Lower altitude makes for better views, especially over the lakes.


    David, I’ve been to Douala many times and can give advice there, but regrettably I can’t help with Youande, though from what I’ve heard I’d tend to agree with Capetonian.


    I’ve been to Yaounde three times, the last time being four years ago. Although I’m also from Cape Town, I don’t share capetonianm’s assessment of the city: it’s unnecessarily harsh. There are certainly worse places.

    Yaounde is the administrative capital and so has a government feel to the place. It’s predominantly Francophone although you will find English speakers here as well.

    Yaounde is at an elevation of about 790m, so whilst not at an altitude of say Johannesburg, Lusaka or Nairobi it does mean that it’s not as humid as Douala.

    The only place to stay is the Hilton Yaounde which probably is of 1970s vintage. Four years ago it was in need of refurbishment, but it has everything you need. They operate a shuttle bus to and from Nsimalen Airport. The airport works reasonably well and you should get through it, both on arrival and departure, without any problem. Four years ago they required payment of a departure tax in cash. Check if that’s still the case.

    The city is set out spaciously. Be sure to have a meal at the Cafe Yaounde which has a very attractive garden. An excursion to the Mont Febe Hotel (I wouldn’t suggest staying there) will give you an aerial view of the city.

    Being equatorial Cameroon is subject to tropical thunderstorms. On my first visit six years ago our departure on Swiss (when they used to fly there) coincided with a massive thunderstorm. Although there was an airbridge they had to position towels at the aircraft entrance to stop water entering. They had to suspend loading of cargo and then lights in the airport went out for a minute or two. As we took off there was complete silence in the cabin as we went through some quite heavy turbulence en route to Zurich via Douala.

    If you’re flying either Brussels Airlines or Air France and you’re staying at the Hilton, you’ll see your crew at the hotel.

    If you visit with an open mind, there’s every prospect you’ll have great visit.


    loved, any flight to ICN as I am going home
    Hated, any flight in and out of lagos, everyone whats money to get in and out of the country

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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