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  • esselle

    Not for me. My longest ever flight was a tad over 14 hours in BA F coming up from Bangkok with strong headwind all the way.

    Assuming 2 hours to eat, 8 hours to sleep, then an hour for breakfast, that still left around three “spare” hours, so I can’t imagine 18 hours under any circumstances.


    I’ve been on a plane for more than 18 hours – a CX flight from JFK to HKG which circled above HKG for some time before being rerouted to Manila due to a typhoon. I was in the CX Cirrus seat with superlative service – but that is just way too long to be in one seat. Even a large one which turns into a flat bed!

    Having said that would I prefer that to being turfed off a plane and hanging around in an airport? Hell, yes. If the fares were the same, I would go non-stop in the blink of an eye. Because although 18 hours in one seat is far too long, it still beats having the journey disrupted.

    I do a lot of layover flights now to save cash rather than fly non-stop, and I will continue to do so. But – the only reason I do it is to save cash. If QF can give fares which correlate to stop-over fares I am sure there are plenty like me who will take it. But somehow, I doubt they will…


    Only for pax with destination PER and maybe QF considers they can avoid stopovers and not get DVT in 32″ pitch seats? Really though only Business flat beds and Economy plus 38″ pitch are suitable!


    Rumours have been circulating for a few years now that Qantas is looking at turning PER into a ‘hub’ for ‘European’ flights for Qantas (and Jetstar when/if it ever starts European operations) rather than passengers transiting through the ME or Asia. (e.g. LHR/PER/BNE)

    Will it be ‘on the cards’? Time will tell.


    An interesting benefit if QF use PER as a hub for other Australian destinations is that,
    1 departing passengers can use the international immigration process in their departing port ( which are usually speedy) and remain air side in the international PER terminal,
    2 arriving passengers can be processed in an enlarged PER customs and immigration and then proceed as domestic passengers to their final destination.Thus avoiding the bottle necks at SYD and MEL when a lot of long haul flights arrive at once;and
    3 PER operations are not subject to an operational curfew like SYD giving great scheduling flexibility.
    Clever QF!


    QF can use an A380 non stop from EU & its an efficient way to avoid other airports of entry to OZ all of which are difficult at busy times so maybe the 787 is a test for that process. Can PER handle an A380 and 500 pax? They will still need better seats ‘though 38″ pitch is possible on the A380.


    Not sure I can see LHR/PER/SYD being any quicker than say LHR/SIN/SYD, Perth is just “not on the way”. Most if not all the current transit stops to SYD and MEL are sort of on the way, so yes I would use non stop if going to Perth, but not convinced a case is made if going to Eastern Australia.


    Much speculation here but, as I said earlier, the fuel price will make or break non-stop flights on this route.

    At the moment fuel is cheap. But who can predict the situation in a couple of years time ?

    High fuel prices ended those ultra long-haul US flights operated by TG/SQ with A340-500s.

    SQ is expected to restart non-stop US routes in the next couple of years. It will use specially adapted but more economical A350s. We await seating details with interest.

    It recently restarted non-stop A350 service to SFO but with standard seating.

    Singapore Airlines launches non-stop A350 service to San Francisco


    MrMichael I thought the same but I checked one of todays DXB SYD direct flight path on flight aware and it flies directly over PER. The 4 EK and QF,2 EY and 1 QR daily A380 flights all roughly use this flight path. Similarly flights to MEL. So flight times will be consistent either stopping in the Gulf or PER. These are similar times to flights via S.E.Asia.
    Personally I prefer flights via BKK or Tokyo as the break is closer to half way.



    Seems to be a bit of a squabble going on now between Qantas and Perth Airport acccording to the West Australian



    Subject to government (local) approval then?


    Notice the use of the word “direct” instead of “non-stop”. In the world of advertising, they do not mean the same thing. SQ and CX often advertise “direct” flights from USA to SIN and HKG, respectively (JFK-YVR-HKG, JFK-FRA-SIN, LAX-NRT-SIN). It’s not false advertising because the flight continues to its destination using the same flight number and equipment.

    With that said, I’m guessing it’s going to be a direct same plane service going from LHR-Middle East-PER, LHR-India-PER or LHR-SouthEast Asia-PER. There’s no economic incentive to carry extra fuel instead of regular pax/cargo for a non-stop.


    Reports today from Western Australia suggest that an announcement could be made within days.



    Actually Air India fly fly 9506 miles, from Delhi – SFO, using the 789 Dreamliner, flying one way over the Pacific, returning over the Atlantic. So if you made a return, you could truly state you had flown around The World!


    Perth is not a huge city, it is remote even for the Australians, many who have never been there, and many in Perth not travelled to other Cities. However, if people are looking for characteristics that Melbourne or Sydney have, they will be disappointed. I don’t think it will ever really be seen as “The Gateway to Australia”, with Sydney often portrayed as that.

    I use Etihad’s A380 services, which are fine and comfortable in Business Studios, excellent in First Suites for the 15 hr flight (sometimes less). But they have Capacity to move around to a bar, shower, even walk within your First Private compartments. For those in Economy this would really not be a pleasant experience, even if they added space. People need to move and to do something , go somewhere n long flights, and a Dreamliner simply does not have this capability compared to the A380. I think also, this is one of the reasons the 747 is cherished, with an upper floor, but space to move and walk around.

    When LH first had their A340-600, they actually out the bathrooms Downstairs taking space to fit more seats, and lessening the odours in the main floor.
    Do LH still run their flights with this feature?

    It would be a great idea to put toilets on a lower level in the belly of the aircraft, if the cargo needs were not so great.
    I am surprised that another Airline has not done this, given the extra seating jammed into many Aircraft these days.

    No matter what class, i would not want an 18 hour flight, especially as the 789 simply does not have capacity to move around. I also think it would be avidly warned against on medical grounds, and the chances of people being unwell in so many ways, increased.
    I still have a few days stopover to and from Australia, whoever i fly with. I do not think a flight directly to Perth would be popular, unless there was a drastic re-design of the cabins and places to move to, walk, and medically mobilise the body for safe health reasons.


    Alan Joyce QF CEO is flying to Perth tomorrow to make a new route announcement. The LHR QF based crew have already been told they will operate it.

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