Is Business Class serious?

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    Having travelled the world for many punishing years I have taken long moments studying other Business Class passengers. Short-haul it’s the serious types – the real get on the plane open the FT and dab napkin on the corner of your mouth types.
    Looking at my fellow long-haul passengers however I often wonder why they are travelling “business” class at all. Does anyone actually do any work on the plane? We talk a lot about whether there is a laptop connection point / and get excited about the possibility of internet but when there was the slightest mention of mobiles onboard – everyone is up in arms – although rightly so in my view.
    Long-haul should be about preparing quietly for a business trip or getting a good nights kip. But often all I see is grown men watching the latest Pixar film over one too many glasses of wine. Socks off, belies out. Honestly they might as well fly economy if they want to arrive feeling that awful.
    In these economic times – we’ll see who can make the transition to economy / premium economy more easily…


    Have to say most people I’ve shared a cabin with seem pretty straight forward. I guess it depends which way they are going – to the meeting or back home. I certainly feel I deserve to watch a Pixar movie with my bellie out after a few nights away from my family. Keeps me up with my kids…


    If I spend half my life on planes going to meetings around the world I certainly feel I have the right to relax in any which way I desire and not having to “play” business class passenger. I have dropped the business attire in favour of comfort and change at the destination. And there is nothing wrong with a crap movie and some wine (and port with your cheese), afterall I might do the same if I’d had a regular 9-5 and be at home after work. The notion of stuffy, serious business class is so eighties!



    seriously…are you hoping your boss reads this so he/she can see how hard you’re working in the current climate?

    8 hours in business class with the headphones on is about as close to peace and quiet as most people get. the plane is currently an area of sanctuary where those of us whose mobiles don’t stop ringing and emails never stop coming can actually kick back for a while.

    should voice calls be introduced on flights? good God no!!! let me have my peace, even if it is just for 16 hours or so a week!


    Travelling should be a time for relaxation when in Business Class, I agree witht he busy busy people on short haul business class, FT, laptop, fumbling through papers.

    Travelling by air I always feel is my time to relax and soak up the facilities whilst perhaps giving some thought to the meeting or whatever. Perhaps I am a bit sad, but the only time I ever get to watch a movie is on a long haul flight!


    Business Class is serious (we don’t want kids running round) but it doesn’t mean it has to be inhumane. I hope I don’t end up next to the Darkknight on my next trip as I get into my little routine – yes socks off, yes glass of wine, yes any film I haven’t seen and always wanted to. And I do some work too. It’s all about providing an atmosphere where you can feel comfortable to do what you wish without too much disturbance.


    Your correspondents to date miss entirely the essential point of Business Class, namely that superior standards of dress and behaviour should apply. For example, unsightly man-made fibres such as polyester should be eschewed in favour of tasteful natural ones, such as cotton and wool, loud conversation avoided, poorly-behaved children immediately disciplined by the parent(s), and if not by them then by other passengers and/or crew. The overall ambience of the cabin is what matters, not what type of film you are watching or what drink you are choosing to quaff. Be mindful of others, behave as if you are in a fine restaurant or unstuffy gentleman’s club and we should all be happy.


    I think long haul business class is serious, but short haul is a joke. The seat size is the same. Promises to keep the middle seat free are broken on very full flights, and if the config is 2 – 2 it makes no difference anyway.

    Paying up to 10 times more for a glass of champagne, a moist tissue and mostly inedible food is “seriously” great for the airline but not for the passenger.

    I’m more than happy to pay extra on a long haul flight for the extra comfort, and would do so in Europe if it was offered, but despite the “misleading” ads it’s not so I fly economy and with the savings go to an excellent restaurant to compensate.


    This is assuming everyone is flying business on business.
    If I’m in business on leisure the last thing I’ll do is working.
    Business class for me is to have more space, better food and drinks and being looked after as this is seldom the case in economy.
    I do not mind kids, frankly, they liven up this miserable world!
    For those flying business on business…good on ya, it’s your time to relax and mentally prepare, anyone saying otherwise should think again before getting on that plane and to be honest, there is always first.


    Carlton makes a good point. There will be plenty of business travellers out there who have used their miles accrued during business trips, to redeem a business class flight for leisure purposes. Everyone’s allowed a holiday, even business travellers…


    I have two jobs one as a travel writer and one as a medical escort from Bangkok to wherever. I travel economy when I travel as a writer well it keeps me in touch with reality. And when escorting an ill or recovering patient I can never relax on business until the poor pt has been successfully delivered (or otherwise) to the other end.

    For me business class is an extension of the ward outward bound but inwards I love to watch the most awful dross on the monitor, kick off my shoes, undo my belt let my belly sag and take as much beer and wine as will keep me happy. Nothing wrong in that I say.


    For me in long haul its just a place with more space, comfort and better amenities. I watch the films, listen to music, eat and sleep. Have never even tried to work or pretend to have important papers to shuffle, Its not an extension of my office, and I travel every month long haul. Children and others in the cabin make for a pleasant distraction.
    The word business to me does not mean an office, maybe all cabins should be renamed. However, in 1st I do expect total peace and quiet.


    Darknight – I think perhaps you should not judge a book by its cover. As many others have said, there are any number of reasons why people may be travelling in business class – that is their choice and what they choose to do on the plane is up to them – if they choose to watch movies all night, drink too much wine and then go straight into work the next day, then that is their choice and its not your place to judge. For all you know – that could be that persons way of relaxing before an important meeting – just becuase its not your cup of tea, it doesn’t make it wrong.

    If you really don’t like it – go sit in economy.


    If I am travelling long haul, I prefer business class. These days the business class is different every airline. Travelled BA SIN-LHR last year on the new business class – it was like lying on a park bench! How do those fat Americans get to sleep on this seats? KLM – LIM-LHR in Oct 08 – a bad choice, seat is not flat and service is not what it use to be. Thank God for Singapore Airlines- wide seats and spacious – only 4 across the aircraft, B777 or A380. What more could you want … and of course great service.

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