Have you ever travelled abroad for medical treatment?

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  • StutteringSadie

    I happened to come down with E-Coli poisoning on a visit to Pattaya, Thailand about ten years ago after eating some dodgy seafood. I suffered for about one week before going to the hospital where I received exemplary care. They put me on a drip straight away and did all manner of tests. I was fighting fit after a few days. Unfortunately, it was the only trip I have been on where I didn’t have insurance, and so I had to cough up some cold, hard cash to pay for the treatment. But it worked out at around 200 pounds, which is a bargain to get your health back. Based on that experience, I wouldn’t hesitate going back to Thailand for any medical reason, even surgery. I hear that there is an excellent hospital in Bangkok called Bumrungrad which covers all sorts of treatments – even plastic surgery.


    Yes, my family have had regular annual check ups in Bangkok – excellent service and inexpensive. My husband rushed to A & E at Bangkok Hospital in Phuket last month with a bad urinary infection. On Sunday afternoon a urologist was on duty and within an hour he was X-rayed, Ultra-sounds, urine tested and on his way with the right antibiotic. All done for about £100.
    I had a knee replacement done in Australia 15 years ago out of choice and it is as good today as it was when it was done. The surgeon’s fee then was AUS1,400.


    I have had many medical treatments in Thailand having lived in Asia for 28 years now and would recommend the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital ahead of any other hospital in Asia for conventional treatments.

    However, what I wish to report on is my mothers treatment in Spain (where she lives) and Thailand, she has been suffering with a liver condition for several years called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis which has been a terrible downward spiral for her health and quality of life. Last year we were advised that if she did not have a liver transplant soon, she would die within a year, which was agreed on second opinion, when she was taken into hospital coughing up blood.

    Finding a hospital willing to do a transplant for a 71 year old is not easy but not impossible, out of 16 hospitals around the world that we applied to (including China) only one replied in Singapore saying they would consider this but at a minimum cost of $400,000.

    I have personally had some holistic treatment at a centre in Thailand where they also have a stem cell clinic and we spoke to the doctors there. They planned a series of treatments using holistic, Ozone Oxygen to kill infections and inflammation, massage and of course stem cells injected by IV and directly into the liver, over the course of two weeks. They also arranged excellent accommodation at a serviced apartment opposite the clinic at very convenient rates where we all stayed during the treatment (Spacious modern 2 bedroom apartment for 4,900 Baht a night £100 approx.).

    Mum has now gone back to Spain with her liver rejuvenated, is getting stronger every day, no more uncontrollable itching which had taken over her life and conventional doctors had no treatment for and is now getting her quality of life back. Friends and family cannot believe the transformation and how well she looks, I am so relieved as this was a horrible situation, like everyone I did not want to lose my mother.

    From start to finish the treatment was the best I have ever seen anywhere, the medical staff and nurses really cared and all at a cost of $30,000 much less costly than a liver transplant and much less invasive!


    Yes, my family have had normal annual ascertain ups in India – very good service and inexpensive. India is now becoming medical tourism hub.


    Regular dental “clean and descale”….

    ….last time in Chiang Mai for 10 quid…..and that included a free toothbrush and tube of colgate.


    yes Last year me and my cousin had a treatment in London, She fight with Pancreatic cancer..It is the most deadly type of cancer. she’s in the 4th stage. But now she is fine……


    TerryMcManus24 – did you leave your teeth with them for the clean and descale or did you have to wait in person?


    I too often get dental work done in The Far East when travelling, but factor it into my trip rather than go specifically. Hospitals and medical care is excellent in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

    For straight forwards, routine, simple procedures or care, it is of low risk. But surgery and complicated matters, it can be risky for travel after. The NHS picks up after many have had Op’s overseas and things go wrong.

    I became ill in Sydney some years ago with an allergic reaction, and thank goodness i registered with Medicare, but i was superbly looked after in Hospital. I chose to follow up some months later to investigate why this had happened, so did travel back. It was however again, during a trip not purposefully for medical care, but was also covered as Urgent and necessary and paid for via Medicare. This is with the reciprocal agreement.

    I found the standards higher than in the “out of London” Hospitals compared.

    But paying, you can pay 10-50% of the UK private cost, and not wait for NHS treatment, as long as the risks are not high, and you ensure the Hospital is properly registered, the Dr’s are validated internationally.
    Your language being spoken there, is essential for such a step!


    Now now Tom,!

    It is easier for you to post them off recorded delivery, but some of us still have our attached!


    Tam….Was only about 6 weeks ago…nice wee lassie dentist….and even at my slightly err mature age …the gnashers are all gen/mine….

    Could open a big Heinekin with them but prefer a bottle opener…..more civilised


    I was in Hua Hin in Thailand with a friend who developed a double ear infection maybe from the dirty sea water when we were in Pattaya living the dream…anyway he spent 4 nights in hospital…hooked on 2 drips…he had his own private room with a toilet and shower and when he did start to eat I remember his food tasted really nice after convincing him that the rice and pork soup may give him the runs. On the whole..a great, clean, room, nice food and friendly medical staff…I’m sure his doctor had worked in Australia…he also spoke really good English. The hospital had a price list which included the old “mind at ease test” which was a pre marriage HIV test for them westerners who were about to marry Thai girls.


    I seem to have developed gallstones, and of course the standard answer from the Docs is to have it out. A procedure I don’t fancy as I’ve heard the gall bladder is not as useless as they use to make out.

    Researching the internet I’ve discovered a doctor in China who removes the stones in the same way as they take out kidney stones. It’s subject to peer review, which has been good and he uses instruments made by Siemans. There’s also been good reviews by people who’ve had the procedure.

    So my questions are, and I hope someone can help me here,
    1. What are hospitals and healthcare in China like?
    2. Has anyone had an operation (non cosmetic) either planned or as an emergency there and did it work out ok?
    3. Would you have it done?

    Grateful for any info, thanks.


    LP, I can’t comment on China but a colleague was recently treated for gall stones in Bangkok using what I think was called a lithotripter – not at all sure of the spelling. What was described to me was lying on a plinth and sound waves are pulsed through you targeted on the gall bladder, I’m told it works for kidney stones too. The stones are destroyed and are just excreted in the normal way. I would imagine somewhere like the Bumrungrad or I also hear good things about the BNH in Bangkok too would be able to help you more. Standards in Thailand are high and costs very reasonable.

    I’m sure others will be able to comment with more authority than me – Martyn, are you familiar with the situation in Bangkok?

    I hope you find a good solution quickly LP and I’m sorry to hear you are not well. Take care.


    The only answer I would provide to such a detailed medical question is NOT to research on the internet. Instead find a Dr, who can refer you for non-invasive investigations.

    6 years ago, I had a heart scare which resulted in my aviation medical being suspended (for all of one day).

    I faced either a fully blown op under a general or non invasive investigative procedure.

    I took the latter and I would dream of taking any medical advice on any subject, without his input.

    He is also the same Cardiologist that helped me reduce my size by 20%…

    BKK has some great medics, but I wouldn’t know where to start….


    I have been in a private clinic often which specialises on diagnostics, cancer treatment and general aftercare after heavy operations.
    a lot of patients there were people from outside of Germany either for three day intense checks or for lober treatments. Many people from Russia and Middle East. Only private payment and not open to general health insurance.
    A great location, excellent medical equipment and staff, only single rooms like hotel rooms. Meals (also dietary meals) are served in a restaurant or in your room, and are selected from a daily changing menu and of high quality. If you like, suites are available, too.
    Plus, if you need, they arrange other specialist doctors in other clinics within a day, whereas others might need a month.
    The director told me that roughly half of their revenue comes from foreign patients.

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