Have you ever travelled abroad for medical treatment?

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  • millionsofmiles


    Yes, generally right.
    And, as you say, BKK has excellent clinics, know from own experience.


    Thanks all of you.

    CX, I’ll certainly look into this, and you’re right in the spelling, however this is not so successful when it comes to gallstones, unless the procedure has improved, but my stones are on the large size. Thanks for the good wishes but the pain from those is not so bad and I’ve been pain free for 3 months now. Unlike the kidney stone I’ve now got which is working its way down with another cm to go. Oh joy!!!

    I’d normally agree with you Martyn, but no doctor will refer me as they know nothing of this treatment, despite my showing them the references. The only one that gives his go ahead is a homeopathic one, but so far his “cures” have had no effect. Mainstream docs just say cut it out!

    Millions, are you talking about BKK or China? This sounds promising though I’ve no intention of doing anything till I’m personally 100% confident.



    I am talking about Bangkok.

    And the private clinic I mentioned in detail is in Germany.


    Thanks Millions.


    This is a link to the clinic, in English (also in German, French and Russian)
    I can only say the best about them, especially cardiology.



    I have been having dental treatment in Jamaica recently and whilst at the beginning I was extremely sceptical about the level of service and dare I say competency, I have to say that the work and staff are absolutely amazing.

    The level of care and capability put my recent visit in the UK to shame. The costs as mentioned elsewhere where a fraction of the cost of the UK and whilst I can think of better things to do when visiting Jamaica, going to this particular dentist was pain free and yes a pleasant experience.


    Once for medical treatment and several times for doctors visits, all of them in the UK.
    When I went for treatment I was tiny, 18-months old, so basically my parents took me. I had a very nasty knee fracture and Greek doctors couldn’t deal with it. It is a very interesting story because my mum actually grabbed me from the hospital but the doctors weren’t signing to release me so my dad went there and there was a minor episode.
    We went to London to a Children’s Rehabilitation Centre and everything went fine and my knee was as good as knew (until my dog tripped me on the stairs a few years ago, LOL).


    I’ve had dental treatment in Thailand, it was excellent and very reasonable. If the standards I experienced are the norm then I would have confidence in them for other things too.

    That’s a lovely story BA4ever. Thanks for sharing.

    In the past I have gone to Nancy for treatment because my receptionist here is a real witch :O It also made for a nice day trip.


    Thank you, Alexpo1. It is actually a quite long story with sad and upsetting moments (I remember most of it and it wasn’t nice) but in ended up in London with lots of Cadbury Easter eggs and having fun at the rehabilitation centre. 🙂
    A happy ending in a happy place!


    Yes , I have. I’ve been to the dentist in Colorado after years of neglecting my teeth. I need extensive work done to the tune of $6,000, I have been told in Mexico I can get quality work done for half the price. But I was concerned about whether a dentist in Mexico would be regulated and have good qualifications. So I went through a dental tourism company (PlacidWay), who was able to help me find a qualified dentist, arrange my accommodation and other treatment services . I was absolutely thrilled with the results and the price!


    Slightly different tract but interesting small piece from the BBC regarding….

    Exporting Grandma to care homes abroad

    With the costs rising in UK I can see the day coming when even the NHS might consider this sort of “exercise”…

    we are ALL getting older..,,,FIO,,,

    Sending elderly relatives to a care home can be a tough and emotional decision. But is booking a one-way flight to a destination 8,000 miles away a step too far?

    Sybille Wiedmer lives in Zurich and is packing her suitcase for a trip to Thailand.



    Hi Jason,

    My husband is also suffering from PSC, could you please share the name of the center in thailand where your mother got treatment, please ? I hope she’s doing fine now. Thanks in advance for your help.


    Thinking about this, I once “enjoyed” treatment in the UK for a kidney stone, which for me is “abroad” as I don’t live in England. To say it was the worse experience of my life is an understatement, and I’m not talking about the pain from the stone, as bad as that was.

    I was giving a talk at the Grove, a 5* hotel near Watford some years ago when the pain started. I asked the hotel to get me a doctor but no doctor would come though one said I could go to his surgery, but it would be at least 2 hours before he could see me! He said to go to casualty at Watford General. Just opposite was a BUPA hospital and I’m insured worldwide with BUPA but they would not take me as they have no casualty department, I’d first have to go to Watford General and if they said I needed to be hospitalised I could go there, but if I entered a general ward first they would not take me in case I had the superbug.

    All the while I was in agony, which if any poster here has had a stone they’ll know what I’m talking about.

    I have never in my life been in such a filthy hospital, and I’ve seen a few, from Nigeria to South Africa, in Asia and the Middle East not to mention here in Europe, not to mention the humiliation of being naked and given a one size fits all gown that did anything but! I was left on a trolley in a room with 4 other patients while they took blood etc and never even saw a doctor till the results came through, which took 4 hours! Unbelievable!

    I won’t go into more detail, but can only advise fellow posters living outside the UK to not get ill in England!


    Yes. I traveled back from the US to the UK for a weekend in the middle of a 2 month trip to the US, to have a wrist plaster removed. I had been quoted $20,000 for the privilege Stateside which the travel insurance quite correctly did not cover. I had flown out 4 weeks earlier straight from the hospital with plaster freshly added, and the VAA crew were wonderful in looking after me. (The hospital split the cast so that the air pressure would not damage my arm as it expanded at altitude.)

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