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  • eyeinthesky

    BKK is indeed one of the worst “new” airports that I know (here in Asia).
    But certainly not the worst that I have experienced in the last year.
    That honor goes to the Caracas, Venezuela airport. I stopped flying with Lufthansa from Caracas to BKK/SGN because of that airport.


    It wouldn’t surprise me if the airport staff were just Thai actors. It’s a total joke…I use BKK on a regular basis and I haven’t see any of them airport staff yet….All I see is staff who look like they can’t wait to get home.


    I have to agree that Suvarnabhumi Airport is not a smiley airport but the worst airport in Asia? I just had the pleasure to come back from Manila and NAIA 1 currently under renovation is the worst in Asia.
    The BBC documentary about the airport is just stupid. I prefer to watch the Nat Geo show about Dubai International Airport.
    Back to Suvarnabhumi Airport, the most annoying thing for me is the immigration and the taxi service at the airport.


    OpenSky is that the AOT taxis or limousines or the cheating bas***ds that masquerade as taxi drivers LOL??

    As for immigration the worst simply the worst, if you rock up at a busy time expect an hour plus in immigration, unacceptable in the 21st century I am sorry


    skywards and OpenSky, I agree with your comments about the programme. It was rubbish. I also wondered if they were just actors and not real staff. They were smiling too much. If he was real, the doctor/pilot was the only genuine character in the whole programme. Unfortunately, the passengers were real!

    Episode 2, 2005hrs tonight, BBC3


    K1ngston – I was refering to the cheating bas***ds !


    I must be the only person who doesn’t have any real issues with BKK airport.

    Sure there are sometimes long walks, but using Fast Track + hotel hospitality programme, its only the motorway traffic that causes the time from stepping off the aircraft to checking in at the Westin, longer than 1 hour.

    Only complaint about the BA (now closed) QF and CX lounges, there is no view… but the food offerings and wine / whisky offerings are more than adequate.

    As for the false smiles……. far nicer than grumpy faces and rudeness back in LHR..


    I’ve just returned from BKK and, as my first visit there since the new airport is in operation, I would also say it’s not the best but could be much worse.

    I may have been lucky this time but check-in (Thai Premium) was done in 3 minutes, security and immigration in about 10 minutes… Thai Lounge is not very welcoming (no view) but food and drink offering pretty good.

    Overall, not the best airport experience but acceptable. No real issue or reason to complain at least.


    MANVia ZRH-BKK to MEL a few days back sampling the lounges on the way – the Thai BKK lounge by a mile the best with good food selection (hot & cold) comfortable chairs and decent wine/spirit selection – both so called Aspire (MAN), and even the Swiss ZRH, very thin on the ground for food with drinks on request (no self-pourers please) in the Aspire!

    Connecting at BKK also not a problem. My only gripes about Thai the tilted ridged beds in Business that needed loads of extra pillows and, for me, the rather too temptingly excessive food – four substantial meals on the two Thai legs.


    Martyn, have you tried both CX lounges? I agree the one that was next to the old BA lounge (both that and the BA lounge have now been closed as CX is taking over and renovating the whole space) didn’t have a view, but the other one (just round the corner, and still open) did

    I shall be transiting through BKK this afternoon. Unless the crew let me stay on the plane instead 🙂 Here’s hoping – I am taking a positioning flight to get an ex-BKK flight to London (so I am flying HKG-BKK-HKG-LHR all in one go) so I will definitely be on the same plane in and out!


    Watched it last night……

    Does the BBC have a hidden agenda, or not as in this case , to stereotypically film Brit’s abroad as moronic idiots. Even ISIS wouldn’t kidnap this lot.

    Last night’s episode was totally cringe worthy……
    Fat middle aged man with Thai bride, gives advice to girls (women) who wouldn’t look out of place on the pages of Viz and who have the numeracy skills of a dead otter . “Is 8 plus 8 , 58 ? No 19 …
    Plus an idiot that couldn’t work out how to book a flight home, beggars belief how he managed to apply for a passport.

    And finally, what programme would be complete without an illiterate Scotsman drinking cheap beer till he’s paralytic….. But it does give me a wee bit of hope , if he can pull a girlfriend as beautiful as he showed then surely I can !!

    I wonder why I pay my license fee…….


    Got the date/time wrong in an earlier post. Episode 2 is tonight, 2100hrs, BBC3.

    Canucklad – totally agree. Will move all heavy items out of reach before it starts!!


    “Scotsman drinking cheap beer”…….no cheap…Beer “Sing” is about 150 Bt a throw ….don’t mean you actually throw it…..or maybe he would…….and the face mask…looked better with it on…Anyway just in case for precision.. will double check hooch prices in Suwanna on…Saturday…


    @ian, I’ve only ever used the CX one next to the old BA… Will check out the second one in a couple of weeks.

    It seems BA are using the HKG “capacity” for BKK…. next trip will be the 3rd taken via HKG..

    @canucklad – I actually felt sorry for the guy who couldn’t book his ticket to get home. How on earth do you explain to some not travel savvy that the person whose card was used for the ticket, needs to present the card…………… oh…….. its a debit card….. then its ok.


    I know this has nothing to do with the airport lounge but here is my recent experience of Thai Air.


    They eventually turned up but their 29 hour flight was almost 56 hours of travelling. I don’t know who were more traumatised, us or the dogs!!!

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