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  • openfly

    No, no, no! Quite horrendous. The work-experience kid who produced it for £7.50 (the budget price) obviously hasn’t considered that millions of non-English speakers will have to be forced to watched this unprofessional trash. Oh BA, you’ve done it again.
    And as for the begging video for Comic Relief money to pay the £18m needed to run their company before any poor child gets a penny…..

    Tom Otley

    … and here is the story and the link to the video

    British Airways releases Comic Relief safety video

    and also other ones to compare it with

    The best airline safety videos


    As long as BA can save a few pennies, that’s all that counts. I haven’t seen it so maybe shouldn’t comment.


    To be fair I’m impressed by the amount of legroom between the rows of seats in the video ? I didn’t see any PR regarding that customer enhancement…


    I still find the QR safety video entertaining even though it’s been around for a while.


    Leaving Abz will you will be delayed, its longer than the push back and taxi takes, it’s an ok video but I agree with openfly the non Brits won’t understand it and honestly I think it will distract them from the real safety information.


    I take it, the finished article isn’t ready for viewing yet.

    And I’ll go against the grain here and congratulate BA on catching up with other airlines and trying something different.
    Having Gordon Ramsey bark instructions at you, might stop those rude buggers who ignore and talk over cabin crew who are doing their regulatory best to get a possible life saving message over to us all.

    Openfly, you’re right, final editing will need to take into account not only non English speakers, but English speakers whose knowledge of regional accents/dialects is limited.
    It should also remove white noise and visuals, so people cleqarly understand the objective of the message made.

    And , If it raises a wee bit more money for the children around the world, well surely that’s a good thing : )


    From last available numbers (2015) Comic Relief raised 24 million with total expenses of 2.4 million. Not the best, but well up there among charities for doing a good job. Let’s get our facts straight before we knock anyone…



    How very dare you let facts get in the way of a good whinge! Comic Relief does good work, and provides entertainment that makes you want to give.

    As for the video, I haven’t seen it, but TAP also has / had a comedy style safety video to get people to watch. It was in Portuguese, with subtitles, and made some passengers laugh. Whether the safety message got through any better is anyone’s guess.


    In a recent quality newspaper article and TV programme, it was suggested that the “Relief” companies, Sport, Comic etc employs 289 people and needs a turnover of £18m just to exist before the charity proceeds reach the beneficiaries. So the BA crews who collect the little envelopes are actually collecting for the salaries of the CEO, CFO and their staff….please prove me wrong!


    Well I quite liked it and so did my friends. I think Mr Bean at the end is funny. One of the things that frustrates me about the forums on the this website is the amount of negativity and BA bashing, it gets quite predictable and tedious.


    I haven’t reviewed this video yet, so will comment only in general terms.

    Such videos rely on a novelty factor and are engaging on first viewing (experimentation has shown higher recall of key messages), but with repetition they become boring/tedious very quckly.

    If an airline has a infrequent flyer passenger profile, then a funny video makes sense, but if they have frequent travellers the effect will be to disengage them fairly quickly.


    One of the things that frustrates me about the forums on the this website is the amount of negativity and BA bashing, it gets quite predictable and tedious.

    I’d suggest you don’t read them, in that case, no point exposing yourself to a frustrating experience.


    Anything but a simple safety video turns me off to go deeper into my newspaper/ magasine/menu/cellphone (if not in flight mode) because listening to the usual video in the background I hear it all and note any changes that attract my attention. Consider funny safety videos best viewed on social media not on aircraft!


    Whilst the video might be effective to a British or even a wider Anglo-Saxon audience, I can see it falling pretty flat with other cultures.

    “One of the things that frustrates me about the forums on the this website is the amount of negativity and BA bashing …”

    I think BA are responsible for, and have brought upon themselves, most of the criticism levelled at them.
    Do I need to make a list?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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