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  • cotswoldsw

    Personally I like it, I think it captures “British humour” and will have wider appeal. Guess you can’t please everyone all of the time. Have to agree that the legroom is however, highly questionable!


    I’ve watched the ‘director’s cut’ now and found it aMEHzing.

    What a load of cobblers – humour is tricky, what one person finds hilarious, another finds boring/offensive. As someone who has worked across 40 different countries (and lived as an expat), I’m all too aware how humour is heavily dependent on culture and can be incomprehensible when viewed by someone from outside that culture.

    I hope that this promotional video is far away from the finished item.

    Even the congruity of it is ridiculous – two people shown in a row that can only be an exit row with that amount of legroom, neither of whom would be suitable to sit in that row.

    I would suggest thay they shorten the length of the video from the current (boring, rabbit dropping) effort and produce a video that

    – gets the safety information across clearly
    – is concise and short
    – features accents that are ‘standard English’ and easy for people from all over the world to understand
    – does not feature humour which many passengers will not understand

    And I really hope that the safety briefing does not incorporate chugging, which is ony a potential distractor.


    By the way, stupidity in safety briefing videos is global.

    This is the Qantas briefing.

    When you watch it the first time, just listen, don’t watch the images – because this is how you will experience in Premium – the video screens are stowed in your arms rest and you are not allowed to watch – there is no big screen, either. I found it very difficult to follow.



    I still find the QR safety video entertaining even though it’s been around for a while.

    So do I, though sitting through it at least twice (multiple languages) gets a bit wearying.


    Having now watched the BA video, I think it’s too long to retain people’s attention. I quite enjoyed it but I am a native English speaker and I understand, even if I don’t always appreciate, British humour.

    I think will be a huge fail to an international audience, but then perhaps it’s just another milestone on BA’s path to alienate as many customers as possible. That, at least, they are doing well.


    Saw something brand new today during the safety briefing.

    Parents with young child felt it was appropriate their young treasure to watch a video on ipad with sound through the ipad speaker during the safety demo. Stewardess standing right next to the parents, totally disinterested in suggesting not only the speaker was turned off, but said child should be made aware of the safety briefing.


    I saw the video for the first time travelling to LHR from MAD on Friday – last flight of the day and 50 mins late due to congestion at LHR for the outbound flight. Overall not impressed primarily because the seriousness of the video is trivialised, second British humour is different and third it is to long. If anyone has seen the South West airlines video where the crew perform a ´rap´approach it appears to get everyone´s attention.


    BA is try ing, like so many other carriers, to get passengers’ attention with something out of the ordinary. Not sure if it does that but I don’t find it too annoying.
    Re the BA bashing criticism, if that stopped this forum would lose its reason for being.

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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