BA Cabin Crew Strike – Consolidated Thread

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  • VintageKrug

    Sadly, I doubt our paths will cross as I am off the The Savoy this evening.

    Ta ta.


    Mmmmm……once again VK, your identity slips even more.


    Funny how you should know about it.


    “has there been an airline who has been fined more than BA for corrupt practices across the world; lost more than BA in fuel hedging; embarrassed a nation more – than BA with the T5 debacle; had such an abysmal IR and IA record than BA? Had books published about its “Dirty Tricks”

    Supprised that the Unite union and all those nasty strikers have not yet been blamed for the Mafia type extortion “cartel”to prise these little extra “top ups” from the general public.
    Under normal sits wouldnt this be catorised as …err… robbery…or dosnt it apply to respectable airline businesses.As leat Easy J and Mick of Ryanair are up front about their “extras”.

    Lots of flights cancelled tonight but again cant really suggest that the weather is down to the BA bolshies…red snow or sumit……must check Wickileaks for the answer.
    Anyway no doubt that that all of the delayed passengers will be holed up in those nice Airport hotels with some enticing food and glasses of bubbly….(used to like BAs Dom Perignom on Concord)…at the FULL expense of our law abiding responsible budgie outfits.

    O dear.. just noticed that its started to snow again…another log on the fire methinks…….and maybe a glass of something warm….


    VK……..”off to the Savoy this evening…..ta ta”

    Quite impish, VK; had me chuckling for ages!

    How is the Savoy on foot of the refit?


    Ominously quiet on this front – something happening behind the scenes ? Talks even?


    Having listened to Len McLuskey on Radio 5 Live, I was somewhat dismayed how easily he swatted away the PCCC as being management stooges (to quote him.)

    The representative from the PCCC would not give his real name and could only answer a direct question about the PCCC memberships as ‘a number of thousands.’

    To anyone listening, who does not have a little more insight, I sadly suspected that Len McLuskey was quite convincing.


    He also didn’t rule out a strike to go ahead during the Royal’s wedding weekend :s


    BASSA has said that no talks are taking place between Unite and BA (though they have been kept in the dark about such talks before).

    Unite has to do something by next Friday. Even if they really are not going to call a strike, I guess they are not going to do BA any favours by announcing that now. I suspect they also need a plan of breaking the news to the membership and, in BASSA tradition, finding someone else to blame for their own failings.

    If strike dates are announced there is still the “known unknown” of how the company is going to respond.


    Maybe as mentioned on another thread the ballot again is flawed and their legal eagles are desperately trying to ascertain the correctness or otherwise about it ?


    If it is illegal, then they should leave asap, it would be ridiculous.

    If they announce that they will not proceed with a strike, do they have to pay anything to BA for causing damages ?


    They have until Friday 11th I believe to announce a strike and give a minimum 7 days notice. I dont know how far in advance they can announce IA e.g. would their mandate reach until Easter ?


    Well it would appear the injunction was a non-starter.

    An attempt to bypass the Queen’s Bench via the TCC must surely indicate some desperation on the part of BA.

    Guess I’ll have to reign in my excitement until the next circus on the 16th.


    Can this scenario happen ?
    The Pied Unite Piper leads them into extinction
    How big a cross to bear is the current BA Pension Fund ?
    BA goes into receivership as pax move allegiances
    Other airlines unwilling to hire BA Union troublemakers / leopards changing spots etc
    British Phoenix Airways is resurrected by consortium of oneworld members
    All new Phoenix personnel have to sign new employment contracts more akin to reality
    Old BA Pension Fund down the drain
    Unite members no job, no pension, no future

Viewing 15 posts - 481 through 495 (of 500 total)
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