AA will not get my business…ever again

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  • RichHI1

    I understand your frustration but you were told incorrect information. Gold and Silver BAEC card members or passengers traveling in premium cabins are entitled to lounge access if they are traveling international the same day. You were flying international the following day and so were not eligible for that reason. Problem of First class domestic passengers not getting lounge access does not occur in UK as there is no first class domestic.



    I am not sure what you have written is correct. In fact I’m certain it’s not correct.

    As a Gold or (in days of yore) Silver BAEC member I get access to AA lounges when travelling in economy on any itinerary, whether flying same day international – in any class – or not.

    And there is the BA “Business UK” fully flex tickets which permit lounge access even for non-status holders on single cabin flights.



    What on earth has domestic/international got to do with lounge access?

    Pay First class, you expect a first class product, which in 2011 includes access to a lounge.


    Gentlemen, I do not apologize for AA nor do I set the rules. I am merely trying to explain them so other travelers are not surprised and end up feeling cheated.
    I am fairly familiar with this policy flying regularly between LHR and Hawaii and get caught whenever I have an overnight in LAX (Straight through is a tough one after a hard week). I refer you to AA website URL

    The salient paragraph for BAEC members being “Credentials required: oneworld customers must be departing on a oneworld operated and marketed flight and, produce government-issued photo identification and, an Emerald or Sapphire frequent flyer membership card or, a First or Business Class boarding pass for the journey’s international segment on the same day or before 6:00 a.m. the following day. Stopovers are not permitted. ”

    There is also an exception for LAX-JFK passengers but I cannot quote chapter and verse on the One World rules there.

    To MartinSinclair’s question, the US Air Travel Market makes huge differentiation between Domestic and International services in terms of product offering, margins and services. In the same way that BA and European carriers offer more luxurious eite cabins on flights outside of Europe. For example a BA flight of 3 hours 55 to Cairo warrants a 777 with Club World and First yet a 4 hour flight to Moscow warrants a 767 with Club Europe.


    Yes the salient paragraph is (to paraphrase) Emerald or Sapphire FF card OR a First or Business BP”.

    If you have a BAEC Emerald or Sapphire card and a oneworld BP, you get AA lounge access regardless of the class of travel you booked on AA.

    I travel regularly on single cabin commuter flights in the US where there is no connected international segment and always avail myself of the AAlounges on production of my BAEC Gold.



    My comments about lounge access were not as a direct comparison to BAEC.

    The fact remains that US carriers, advertise FIRST CLASS and BUSINESS CLASS services and charge accordingly.

    If the airline has a lounge it should be avaiable to those travelling in premier classes. A sort of softener before the dirty cabins, gum chewing cabin crew and non existant slop, sometimes served as food.


    Vintage Krug, kudos, I believe you are right in principle according to One World policy. Having done some research I believe AA staff are trained on the AAdvantage policy based on AAdvantage membership rules which are not the same as One World rules. This would suggest that technically you would be correct however my experience is you are fairly likely to get bounced as was the original poster. Maybe Stevescootes could try printing out
    http://www.oneworld.com/ow/ffp/lounge-access#the-oneworld-lounge-access-policy and see if it helps. Being an AAdvantage EXP it does not help me though.

    MartynSinclair, I would not argue with your logic and indeed Hawaiian do give you access when flying first even if only Inter Island.


    Upon showing BA gold card, I have never had a problem getting in an Admirals lounge even on the cheapest domestic ticket.

    The joint BA / AA Denver lounge follows BA rules and lets a gold card holder in regardless of airline they are flying.


    Quite right Rich, but you do need to be pushy with the AAngels, as not all are aware of the correct policy.


    Yes the AA staff in the Admiral Club lounges are not always 100%. The flagship ones are better but you often go through the former to get to the latter. I think the BA lounge team have a better One World training. My issue with BA is the You FIrst Team who do not understand the One World Elite system at all, though they are always courteous and do try to help..


    I think we all have issues with the (gaps in) training or knowledge of customer facing staff in the Lounges. Some of them are AAngels, whilst some are drAAgons. This is across all the oneworld alliance airlines – the same issues happpen in Australia for AA or BA cardholders from time to time (or vice versa).

    Thus the reason I carry copies of the rules from the relevant websites. AAngels will read it and agree if we are right and allow access; whereas drAAgons refuse to hear our facts. That’s when I would escalate to the Lounge Manager, if I know I am correct. I may not win a friend with the drAAgon, but those that can’t admit their mistakes I have so little time for their attitude or empire building.


    Re: AA lounge access – Lounge access in a wide perspective

    It has been years since my last visit to Admirals Club. We are a small company trying to concentrate on one of the three large frequent flyer systems (Star Alliance, main reason is destinations we fly). Domestically we are in enrolled in Southwest fr flyer progr and there are some older AS, DL and what you miles but none of them enough to help much. Thus I cannot comment on the AA or Skyteam lounges; however I know, priding myself, a lot about the Star Alliance lounges in its various forms and shapes, as I visited most of them inc. their affiliates in the US as well as in Europe. I would like to point out that I have no affiliation whatsoever with Star Alliance, its airlines or lounges. I am an interested and experienced consumer. Since about 6 years a Prem Ex (PE); I believe soon a Prem 1K, however I looked into the conditions; when it comes to lounge use, same as PE.

    In order to use the Red Carpet, US and CO lounges on domestic itineraries, it’s condition to be a paying member of the Red Carpet (or US/CO) Club, or to use a complimentary voucher. No begging on knees or throwing a fit may change the attendant’s mind. To the best of my knowledge this is a fact.

    Anectode Red Carpet lounge DEN
    About three years ago we in the U.S. experienced near breakdown of air transportation services. Correct me if I am wrong, the reason was grounding of many Southwest planes, domino effect on AA and on to UA et al, literally. I had to travel from SAN to CLE; my choice via DEN, good connection, decent price, with Gold Card always in UAPlus more legroom section, life is good. However flights delayed or cxled. In DEN we arrived two hours late, no connections. I ended up having to wait until 11pm once a delayed flight to Chicago departed; arrived 2am local. Next day 7am or similar on WL for CLE. I had to give a presentation to give at the destination, turning around was no option. All ORD hotels full except the last room at the Chicago Airport Hilton, $600 one night (actually, less than 4 hours). I had to get some rest at least, shower and change clothes. Needless to say UA did not reimburse any moneys for this forced night. [Please read my second message following this one]

    Back to the Red Carpet Club in DEN. Once I realized that it would be many hours before I could move on, I took the escalator up, stood in line at the Red Carpet Club ushers, showed ticket and Gold Card; agent’s reponds, sorry no access (regardless class of service on domestic flight). Now, at that time, a gentleman checked in with the attendant #2 next to me. He overheared the conversation and said, pointing to me: this gentleman next to me is my guest please, for today. Please provide access. So they let me in. I thanked him of course; he mentioned that someone had done this to him, so he is giving back, thought this was a good idea because with paid membership one always can take a companion inside. No need of same itinerary, just fly UA on the same day.
    One more thing: they flight I eventually got on from DEN to SFO was double overbooked, with literally hundreds of people hanging around the gate at boarding time. I was on WL. However, UA seemed to let in the WL people according to their status, I was one of the first ones. Prem Ex helped. Red Carpet lounge membership, on that occasion, would not have helped.

    Though this event happened before Red Carpet switched to inc compliment. alcolic beverages and more than cookies, I was happy. One thought – I trust I am not suggesting something against the law: when flying domestically, how about placing oneself outside a Red Carpet Club, waiving coupons for two admissions to an AMC theater, or $20 gift certificate for Trader Joes or a large beverage retailer? just kidding, 🙂

    Anectode #2 – Red Carpet ORD
    Domestic flights, my adult son and I. I had voucher for one free visit, for one person. I asked attendant nicely wether exceptionally I could take my sun with me inside: the attendant said yes, welcome!



    Message from BluePacific,

    Sorry I fired off the mail message before done. I would like to add a few remarks which I will do asap but tonight, as its getting late and have to get up with the rooster tomorrow.



    I remember the days when a Blue BMI card would get access at the United Red Carpet Clubs.

    In similar times, I would often pay USD 25 for a day pass with USAirways if I had a multisector flights transiting CLT or PHL or LGA. or PIT.

    In some cases (LGA-SJU) you would have to fly to PIT or PHL then on to CLT before going to SJU so it was well worth it.

    Then my BAEC Silver got me lounge access at the USAir Clubs which was quite good.

    A couple of times, I have asked lounge staff if I could bring a companion in who was flying another airline. BMI in Dublin allowed me one when I was flying Business as a Silver Card member when a friend was flying Ryanair.

    BA also allowed me to take 3 guests into the lounge at T4 though this was at 5am on a Saturday morning on the first flight to Amsterdam. The lounge host cited the fact of getting a good cup of coffee at stupid o’clock was good enough reason to be flexible.

    Obviously in both cases had we been advised it was not possible we would have respected the rules and gone somewhere else.


    The original poster was surprised and upset at the rules (he was not aware of ) that AA applies to Admirals Club and Flagship lounge access based on ticket type (not One World status).

    Of late we have had an interesting (and informative for me) discussion on One World policies and now also * Alliance.

    The original post though was not about One World levels but access with domestic premium cabin ticket.

    Readers should know the rules and vote with their Dollars, Pounds or Pesos. I see the role of this forum to help future passengers not to have unpleasant surprises.

    As I understand the rules, access to Admirals Club (based on purchased ticket of travel only) is available to passengers flying International Business or International First Class on any One world carrier that day or on a continuous connection the following day (I believe connection max is 4 or 6 hours).

    Access to Flagship Lounge is restricted to International First Class Passengers with the same timing restrictions. First or Business Class tickets that are domestic alone do not entitle lounge access. Also remember countries like Canada or Mexico may be regarded as domestic based on itinerary and carrier (American Eagle or code shares may be different to AA.)

    So, if you want access to lounges ensure you have a straight through International Connection in premium cabin same day or take your elite One World membership card with a print out of the rules with you.

    Alas this will not prevent you from encountering dirty aircraft which are disgusting but my experience is unfortunately this happens on most carriers with ever tighter turn rounds, specificaly including UK carriers. My worst experience was Air Canada SCL-EZE where the previous passenger had removed (presumably) her false eyelashes to sleep on the leg from Canada and they were still sitting on the seat side drinks table, yuk….

    Travel is a wonderful way to broaden the mind, I always try to embrace the new and expect different countries to have different preferences and different approaches, that way my disappontments (and I have had many in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa etc ) are not unexpected.

    I think doing your research is key, which is why these forums and the experience of all the posters are so great.

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