AA will not get my business…ever again

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  • austline

    Steve I think the QF Silver card holders would have had QF Club access, my wife is Silver with QF Club privileges, and I know that QF Club can access QF, AA and BA lounges with a guest.
    AA I try to avoid them, but their LAX lounge is co branded with QF and they tend to be quite generous with their free drink vouchers for QF pax. Also for QF departures there is normally a QF rep hanging around and the service is quite good. Also not quite as crowded as the QF/BA F lounge at TB these days.


    Deary me, you’re a touchy bunch. Stevescoots, you completely missed the point. So sorry Pat, hadn’t realised the club was so exclusive. Don’t worry folks, this is my my last post, wouldn’t want to upset anybody.



    kevin – Charley – Deborah – what next, Elvis ??


    ‘kevin – Charley – Deborah’ … “personality in crisis”

    Everyone’s views add to the diversity & interest.

    Spelling mistakes & errors in grammar are accepted. These can be as result of genuine shortcomings such as dyslexia & don’t reflect on the ability to comment on travel products or services. Others may be due to language differences, slight or excessive inebriation as result of stress from travel & therefore just as acceptable.


    Genuine mistakes can be acceptable. I make many myself, so cannot particularly berate others.

    Repeated improper use of English – confusing the possessive its with the contraction it’s for instance – is simply lazy.

    Even those with genuine reasons for struggling with writing can in many cases easily overcome such issues with technology.

    If you have something to say, surely it is worth saying it elegantly and without resort to txt spk, &mpersands, poor punctuation, lazy spelling and grammar errors. The lack of importance attached to such things is often closely connected with the lack of thought in what is written.

    I don’t get this pandering to the lowest common denominator.


    Vintage Krug, I find your last post nothing but pompous self righteous arrogant grandiosity.

    Your take on the english language is probably better than most & for that I give you credit.

    Other people may excel in fields like technology, art, science & prove to be the ‘genius’ in their field. Their take on the english language may be weak. They are however entitled to post their travel viewpoints on websites such as this, and english may not even be their first ‘tongue’.

    So VK .. please show a little compassion & understanding.


    You and I – as with almost everything we post – will have to agree to differ on this point.

    Such is the diversity of expression.

    But only one of us is correct 😉



    Whilst I share your comments, this is a ‘travel forum’. It is not a forum to discuss the rights & wrongs of the english language.

    You’re wasting your time.

    Let VK sit ‘on his throne’ & display his arrogance. It is his failing if he lacks tolerance.


    Forgive me as a newbie but I do not see the issue here. Every carrier has its rules on Lounge access. You learn the rules and follow them. As an AA Elite, I still get the occasional frown and furious typing when entering a BA lounge but – hey their problem not mine… What bugs me is when airlines have rules and then do not follow them, as certain BA lounges in the past which said “we are full” when I produce my AA card. Tangential to this, why are people so fixated with lounges anyway? Fair enough if you are delayed but most frequent flyers turn up at the last minute to minimize wasted time. I have to admit to really liking the outside Gallery at BA T5 but the indoors bit is a little Hogwarts for me. Overseas BA lounges on the whole do not do much for me. In ONE WORLD I would say JAL lounges are best with AA sitting very much in the middle. Hope grammar and spelling meets the standards of the mavens out there…


    I will do anything to make sure I never fly on any American airline. The whole attitude of staff in the air and on the ground is second to none. The lounges are a joke. I am a diamond member of Marco Polo and was told I had to pay $50 to get in the lounge and then pay for food and drink inside the lounge where the slugs they employ in there all expect to be tipped every time they serve you. I was in first from Atlanta to LAX and this is a 5hr + flight and all they have to eat is peanuts. The miserable women who was supposed to be the FA, could not get behind her curtain quick enough after take off and huffed and puffed everytime someone wanted anything.


    This maven is happy, Rich.

    Though paragraphs would make him even happier….!


    I had friends that used to live in Dallas so I few AA quite a lot. Their policies on missed connections, transferring luggage and poor customer service were bearable. Then in 2002/3 they changed the T&C of their Advantage programme that doubled the number of miles for partner redemptions and they did not tell European members. I used to be able to get a Club Europe redemption for 20 000 miles on AA then they increased it to 40 000. Whilst I understand the T&C say you don’t need to give notice this was before we used the internet to the extent that we do now.( I was still on dial up at home then) I felt that was really bad customer service. I had 28k miles, so booked my BA trip to Athens in Economy and gave the rest to their Kids Dream Foundation and am proud to say that I have not rewarded them with 1cent since then. So when flying to Dallas from NYC I would go US and change aircraft in CLT or PIT. They had some good First Class fares (A class). A vile airline in my opinion.


    stevescoots, whilst I agree with your right to rant, I have to agree with RichHI1 in his comment “You learn the rules and follow them”. So whilst I have AA cardboard, I know that my Qantas Club card will get me into AA domestically.

    Likewise, QF had a similar rule for access to Qantas Clubs – whereby pax in J (who had no QC status) were not allowed for a long time.

    Your inabililty to access an AA Lounge shouldn’t be the major reason for switching carriers within oneworld, HOWEVER I have to agree that from the photo you posted, the state of the onboard seats is enough to help tip you over the edge. Even BA wouldn’t let their cabin interior get that filthy.

    I can’t say that I am familar with the BA Lounge access rights for QF pax, but I’ll be reading up in the next 2 weeks to make sure we aren’t caught out.


    Hi Lindsay,

    I understand the comments about T&C and that all airlines have differing rules. My point however, disgusting aircraft aside, Is that in such a competative industry it is the norm for almost all airlines that if you purchace a fully flex ticket in business or first class then you get lounge access as part of the package and service you are buying if there is one available. I did not complian that no lounge was available in SeaTac as AA do not have one there.

    I would expect there to possibly be exclusions to access if you were flying discounted or code share or do not have the correct status on another OW airline.

    However in my case i was paying full fare full flex first class on AA booking. In every other airline I have flown, which is almost all the major carriers around the world then that ticket gets you access. Ranting aside it means that AA sell an inferior product in teh market compared to others.

    If you booked an executive level room in a hotel at full price and flexibility one would expect access to the executive level comforts, not to be denied them because you do not have the correct status.

    Actually from a business perspective i can see what AA are doing, they focus on thier home market where the choice is restricted, so they can sell a low product with a promise that if you keep coming you get the extra perks. EMEA and AP lines look outside thier territories and thier method to attract loyalty is to show a good product first, so you come back because the choice is so varied. travelling from UE south or east the is a huge amount of options so airlines have to offer the best they can, or they dont get repeat business.


    I can just picture the scene at any European airport. A loud American travelling First or Business, being denied access to a lounge. Even worse, having got into the lounge having to pay for drinks and wifi.

    The issue with our US friends is that their rules do not give access to lounges for First and Business class travellers but in Europe we open the doors as usual to everyone and welcome them in, with no charges.

    Its actually worse still, the Americans have the chutzpah (look that up on google) to sell an internal ticket under the heading “First” or “Business”.

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