The founder and CEO of Forever Rose London and Al Samadi Group, and star of the Netflix show Dubai Bling, shares his favourite moment from the new season of the reality series and also his travel bucket list.

What were you doing before you founded Forever Rose?
Prior to establishing Forever Rose, I was heavily involved in the business industry as a distributor of various brands throughout the Middle East. The idea for Forever Rose came to me while watching a movie with my former spouse. I noticed her admiration for roses, despite their fleeting beauty, which inspired me to create a lasting solution. Fuelled by the desire to offer a symbol of affection that lasts forever, I came up with the concept of Forever Rose. It became apparent that there was a market for preserving the fleeting beauty of roses, leading to the creation of the brand.

What is the scale of the current operations of Forever Rose?
Forever Rose London was founded in 2015 and has been constantly evolving through diversification and expansion efforts. In 2020, the company introduced a hospitality division dedicated to experiential cafés/restaurants to add to its existing luxury retail portfolio. With a strong retail presence throughout the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and London, the company is well-positioned for further growth and expansion. As part of its growth strategy, the hospitality division, which currently comprises three locations in the UAE, is set to expand beyond the country and across the broader GCC region.

Dubai Bling’s second season is now out on Netflix. What was the highest point personally of this season for you?
It would be my wedding, for sure. I was able to show the world a reflection of the vibrant and culturally rich Emirati heritage that has played an integral role in shaping this celebratory event.

Which is the one travel experience you’d like to forget?
I recall a particularly difficult experience during my first trip to China where I found myself alone and unable to communicate effectively. The area I was in lacked tourism infrastructure, compounding the issue.

What is your choice of in-flight entertainment?
I find sleeping to be my preferred form of entertainment, especially during flights. However, if I need to stay awake, I enjoy watching documentaries. For me, travelling is like a job, where I get to learn and explore new things. Watching documentaries keeps me excited and engaged throughout my travels.

What are the three things that you always pack in your suitcase?
My essential travel companions include a careful selection of clothing, ensuring both comfort and style throughout my journey. Additionally, I prioritise packing my charger to ensure uninterrupted connectivity, alongside a skincare bag, adding to my self-care and grooming routines while on the move.

How do you spend your air miles?
When it comes to upgrades, I prefer to use only my air miles.

Which destinations are on your travel bucket list?
Australia, Russia, and South Africa hold prominent positions on my list of desired travel destinations. South Africa’s inclusion is attributed to the significant support I receive from my admirers in that region. Meanwhile, Australia has long captured my interest as a destination I’ve yearned to explore, and Russia similarly holds a place in my dreams.

What are the expansion plans of Forever Rose over the coming months?
The Forever Rose London Group is embarking on an expansion strategy spanning the next 18-24 months, with a dedicated focus on augmenting both its luxury retail and hospitality divisions. With plans to nearly double its existing portfolio of locations, the company is primed to achieve substantial growth in pivotal markets. This expansion initiative’s objective is to broaden our footprint in the Gulf region, with a targeted emphasis on key markets such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Simultaneously, the company aims to establish a formidable presence in major European cities, including Paris, Milan and Geneva.