Adam Golder along with his wife Kirsty co-founded K9 JETS, a pet-dedicated pay-per-seat private jet service.

What sparked the idea for K9 JETS?

In 2021, we launched G6 Aviation, a boutique private jet brokerage targeting high-net-worth individuals who traditionally flew first class when they travel for leisure or business. In the first 12 months, many pets flew with our passengers. In February 2022, we received an enquiry requiring a jet for 10 adults and 10 dogs to travel across the Atlantic. We were introduced to a Facebook group they were part of where people had gathered to share the cost of the jet. In 2022, we flew over 150 passengers and 180 pups. Everyone who travelled said we should launch a service dedicated to passengers and dogs – and so we did just that.

What has been the demand like for the service you currently offer?

We are the world’s first pet-dedicated pay-per-seat jet service. We are inundated with requests to scale our business from around the world. In the GCC specifically, in addition to Dubai, we receive many requests for routes to Doha. We have had a great initial response from the pet owners of Dubai, and we believe this will continue to be one of our popular routes. We would love to launch a service from Qatar too.

What is the earliest memory you have of a holiday as a child?

My earliest memory of a holiday is when I was around four years old. It was a holiday with my sister, parents, and grandparents in a Bournemouth holiday apartment on the great British seaside.

Adam Golder and his wife Kirsty co-founded K9 JETS (Image: Supplied by K9 Jets)
Adam Golder and his wife Kirsty co-founded K9 JETS (Image: Supplied by K9 Jets)

Which is your favourite travel experience as well as one that you’d rather forget?

One of my most memorable travel experiences was surprising my wife with an exclusive resort on Banana Island in Qatar – I proposed at sunset. On the other hand, I’d rather forget about a delayed flight back from Las Vegas – no inflight entertainment and lost luggage. Sadly, it was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

Do you have any packing tips?

When I pack my suitcase, I layer my shirts and t-shirts and then roll them to prevent creasing – works every time.

How do you spend your air miles?

Visiting Dubai, of course.

What are the expansion plans for K9 JETS?

We plan to expand our network across Europe, the US, Asia and Australia by the end of 2024. Watch this (air) space.