Global hotel operator Kerten Hospitality, in partnership with RIKAZ and RAFAL, and with the support of the Saudi Ministry of Tourism, will be launching a pioneering new urban eco resort in Riyadh. Named The House Urban Eco Resort Riyadh, the new project aims to redefine urban living in an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and luxurious environment that harmoniously blends leisure, wellness, and business in the heart of the city.

The resort will offer guests a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, through various wellness experiences including modern spa treatments, therapeutic treatments, and lush green spaces. Kerten Hospitality specialises in integrated living, taking an innovative approach towards developing this through bespoke hotels, residences, and lifestyle destinations that seamlessly blend work, life, and leisure, and the new resort will follow this same ethos. The new resort will feature both outdoor and indoor working spaces, along with integrated dining and event spaces that can host everything from intimate gatherings to the chance to pop behind the scenes with local chefs, all bound together under the theme of green living.

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The eco-conscious design falls in line with the country’s Vision 2030 goals, aiming to keep Riyadh’s distinct oases intact while giving international travellers and locals alike a chance to appreciate the city’s rich nature. By developing this tranquil eco-focused space in the midst of the city rather than in a remote natural setting as many others do, it hopes to offer guests a glimpse into the future of urban living. Alongside plans to expand Kerten Hospitality’s footprint in Saudi Arabia with more eco-friendly hospitality options in urban locations, supported by the Ministry of Tourism’s critical support in ensuring that everything aligns with national tourism objectives and sustainability goals, this new Riyadh project is just the beginning.

“At RIKAZ, we firmly believe in the power of strategic partnerships. This collaboration aligns seamlessly with RIKAZ’s expansion strategy by fostering partnerships with highly respected institutions like Kerten Hospitality and Rafal. It underscores our commitment to tapping into the significant real estate development in Saudi Arabia, in harmony with the ambitious Vision 2030. By leveraging this premium location and its natural oasis status, we firmly believe that the Urban Eco Resort would be a new experiential retreat to the hospitality market,” said Khalid Algahtani, chairman and CEO of RIKAZ.