Lufthansa Group has provided an update on the rollout of inflight wifi connectivity across its fleet of A220, A319, A320 and A321 aircraft.

The group has been installing broadband on Lufthansa, Austrian and Eurowings short and medium-haul planes, with SWISS the next to benefit from the technology.

Work will commence in the fourth quarter of 2024, and when complete a total of 150 group aircraft will offer wifi connectivity.

The news follow the introduction of free inflight messaging for Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines customers on short and medium-haul wifi-enabled aircraft this month.

Lufthansa to introduce free inflight messaging on European flights

Customers on eligible flights can now send and receive an unlimited number of messages – including photos – on their smartphone or tablet.

The only prerequisite for using the new service is logging into FlyNet with a Miles & More card number, or with an email address registered with the Lufthansa Group Travel ID. Those customers without one of these will be able to register inflight.

SWISS passengers will benefit from free inflight messaging as aircraft are fitted with wifi connectivity.

Lufthansa Group also said that newly equipped aircraft would feature hybrid European Aviation Network technology installed by Viasat, which sees an S-band satellite provide Europe-wide coverage, with supplementary ground components from Deutsche Telekom and terrestrial radio towers with 4G LTE technology providing additional capacity.,,