This week, Qatar Duty Free (QDF), the owner and operator of all retail and catering outlets at Hamad International Airport in Doha, unveiled Souq Al Matar.

Located in the North Node terminal of Hamad International (HIA), Souq Al Matar is positioned as an experiential mixed retail and dining concept.

The new space features seven shops and two restaurants, developed in collaboration with architect Ibrahim M. Jaidah, who also designed the Al Thumama Stadium in Doha which was one of the venues for the FIFA World Cup last year.

Souq Al Matar has wicker woven ceilings, arched doorways, and wooden-framed windows. In a nod to Qatari heritage, a dhow boat is displayed prominently, paying homage to the maritime trade history of the country.

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The collection of shops and dining options at Souq Al Matar include Khaneen which has a collection of high-quality fragrances with premium packaging and traditional yet modern scents by Qatar-based designers. The collection at the Souq includes exclusively curated perfume oils crafted with the finest ingredients and traditional elements.

Al Attar offers an apothecary store experience, where customers can explore an assortment of premium honey, dates, coffees, teas, herbs and spices.

Sogha is a souvenir shop at the souq, while Fwala offers an assortment of traditional Qatari sweets, including packaged desserts. All the brands featured at Fwala are based in Qatar, and the products locally made.

Al Darzi is a women’s fashion shop displaying an array of traditional garments including a collection of jalabeyas, abayas and shilas, whereas Al Beshit is a menswear shop at Souq Al Matar featuring a collection of traditional Qatar clothing including the thobe, gutra, and egal, among others.

Dukkan serves affordable confectionery and snacks, a selection of sweets, and drinks regularly found in the local supermarkets of Qatar’s residential areas.

Basta serves traditional food with a modern twist. The menu offers a variety of dishes from the Khaleeji cuisine including balalit and shakshuka.

Chapati and Karak, a café restaurant concept inspired by traditional Indian cuisine, has been a familiar name within Qatar’s dining scene for more than 50 years.

“Our goal has always been to ensure that the travel experience at Hamad International Airport remains one of the best in the world. Souq Al Matar brings a whole new dimension to passengers, where they can shop, dine, and experience a taste of Qatar without having to leave the airport. We have once again raised the bar of what the airport experience can aspire to be, making it a part of the cultural experience itself, not just a transit hub,” said Qatar Airways Group’s chief executive officer, Badr Mohammed Al-Meer.

(Image: Sourced from Qatar Airways Newsroom)