Leela, the highly anticipated modern Indian restaurant, has officially opened its doors in collaboration with Chef Manav Tuli and JIA Group. This culinary venture presents a distinctive and playful take on Indian cuisine, led by Executive Chef Manav Tuli and supported by the culinary expertise of the JIA Group. The restaurant embraces sustainability and local sourcing, offering a menu that celebrates the rich and diverse culinary traditions of India.

The concept of Leela draws inspiration from the Hindu concept of “Leela,” representing the divine play of gods. It manifests as a culinary playground that seamlessly blends tradition and innovation. The menu, featuring signature dishes like Lucknowi Tokri Chaat, Chakundar Oxtail Gosht, Saoji Lamb Shank, Chicken Baida Roti, and Wah Kee Farm Pork Pandi Curry, reflects historical and regional influences, providing a unique and flavorful dining experience. Leela’s commitment to sustainability extends to its carefully crafted beverage program, including cocktails by renowned beverage director Mario Calderone and a thoughtfully categorized wine list designed to harmonize with the complexity of Indian spices.

In addition to its culinary excellence, Leela offers a captivating interior designed by AndrĂ© Fu Studio, inspired by traditional Indian palaces. The meticulously designed space captures the colors, character, and style of Jodhpur’s old town, providing guests with an immersive and bespoke ambiance. With whimsical touches, custom-made furnishings, and a commitment to sustainability reflected in recycled corn paper menus, Leela sets a new standard for modern Indian dining in Hong Kong.