With its rich cultural and historical heritage, Türkiye has long been a top destination for travellers worldwide. To preserve and safeguard this invaluable heritage for generations, Türkiye is steadfast in its dedication to responsible and sustainable tourism practices. The country is determined to secure a prosperous and vibrant future for its cherished landmarks and traditions by nurturing a harmonious coexistence between tourism and heritage preservation.

To promote and showcase Türkiye’s unique heritage, the official tourism website, GoTurkiye, has recently launched dedicated sections highlighting the country’s cultural and historical wonders. These sections offer visitors valuable insights into the significance of the country’s historic sites and the measures being taken to preserve them.

Türkiye’s cultural and historical sites hold immense value, contributing significantly to the nation’s identity. Through responsible tourism initiatives, the country seeks to strike a balance between introducing travellers to these exceptional treasures and also safeguarding them for generations to come. Türkiye also offers diverse, sustainable experiences, including eco-friendly accommodations, cycling, and trekking, all aimed at fostering a deeper connection between the country’s heritage and the people who uphold it.

Aligned with these initiatives, Türkiye strongly emphasises promoting responsible practices that foster respect for historical sites, local customs, and traditions. Visitors are encouraged to be mindful of their environmental impact and actively engage in preservation efforts. Through collaborative efforts, Türkiye ensures that the country’s tourism growth goes hand in hand with preserving its rich cultural and historical heritage.

Preserving Türkiye’s heritage requires collective efforts and responsible choices from locals and visitors alike. Türkiye, therefore, urges travellers to be conscientious while visiting such locations and support the sustainability initiatives in place, to safeguard the country’s rich historical legacy.